{To Yahweh Be the Glory – Introduction}

One of my main purposes of writing this blog is to glorify Yahweh Elohim in one of the largest media available to us as a people – the internet. I want everyone (at least those who are reading this blog :) ) to know how great God is and how awesome he is. I want Yahweh himself to know that I am not ashamed of him or his son, the living word.

I know when everything is all said and done it will be his word that holds us up. His word cleanses us and makes us whole. His word prospers us and heals us. His word creates life abundantly for us. His word shows us how to praise and worship him. His word leads us in the paths of righteousness and shows us solutions to our problems.

For the above reasons and many more personal reasons I want him to know he is appreciated. So I am using his word to do just that every Sabbath morning. I chose the Sabbath (Saturday) for a couple of reasons. The first is because this is the biblical day of rest, a day where we enjoy our relationship with Yahweh without distractions from the outside world.

The second reason is based on research. Through research I found most blogs get read early Saturday morning. Therefore, I feel it is appropriate to glorify Yahweh on this day through his own scriptures and songs.

Although I have already started, I have not been consistent. I have made myself a promise to always have something up on this blog on that day. I ask for your prayers to make this happen. It is my sincere desire for his word to come alive in our hearts. This is why I have made the scriptures personable.

Can you imagine how please the Father will be to hear how glorious he is by so many of his creations? Or how the world will be if it kept hearing how wonderful its creator is? Please join me in blessing the name of our magnificent Elohim, Yahweh every week.

Prayer Time

Our Heavenly Father, who is in heaven,
Give us a desire to praise and worship you, who deserves it all anyway.
In Yeshua the Messiah’s name, Amen.

Praise & Worship Scripture List

Yahweh, Creator of Heaven & Earth (various Psalms)
Psalm 8: How Glorious is Your Name Yahweh
Psalm 9: Yahweh is Enthroned Forever!
Psalm 18: Yahweh, My Deliverer
Psalm 19: Yahweh, Your Torah is Perfect
Psalm 23: Yahweh, Restore My Soul
Psalm 24: Yahweh, the Earth Belongs to You
Psalm 29: Give Yahweh Glory!
Psalm 30: Exalt Yahweh!
Psalm 33: We Rejoice in Yahweh!
Psalm 34: Proclaim Yahweh’s Greatness
Psalm 36: Yahweh, You are Faithful and Righteous
Psalm 36: Yahweh, You are Faithful and Righteous
Psalm 46: Yahweh, You are Our Refuge
Psalm 47: Shout to Yahweh
Psalm 66: Yahweh Rules with Power
Psalm 93: Yahweh, You are King
Psalm 95: Come, Sing to Yahweh
Psalm 96: Sing a New Song to Yahweh Elohim
Psalm 97: Let the Earth Rejoice in Yahweh Elohim
Psalm 98 & 100: Make a Joyful Noise to Yahweh Elohim
Psalm 105: Give Thanks to Yahweh
Psalm 107: Yahweh is Good!
Psalm 111: Yahweh, You are Merciful and Compassionate
Psalm 125: Yahweh, You Do Good
Psalm 128: Yahweh Brings Me Happiness
Psalm 130: A Song of Ascents
Psalm 131 & 138: Thank You, Yahweh
Psalm 135: Give Praise to Yahweh
Psalm 145: Praise My God, the King
Psalm 146: Praise Yahweh, My Soul
Psalm 148: Praise Yahweh, All His Creation
Psalm 149: Your Praise is in the Faithful Assembly
Psalm 150: Halleluyah! We Praise You, Yahweh!

Praise & Worship Song List

Dance to Yahweh (miYah)
For Your Name is Holy (Paul Wilbur)
The Great I AM (Jimmie Black)
Here I Am to Worship
Holy (Jesus Culture)
Rock of My Salvation (Baruch HaShem Worship Team)
Rooftops (Aldrich and James)
Wonderful, Beautiful, and Glorious is Our God (New Life Worship)
Worship – Behind the Veil (miYah)
Yahweh is Your Name (Song) by Mishkanim
You are the First and the Last (PFT)
You Won’t Relent (Jesus Culture)
Your Name (Zemer Levav)

Praise & Worship Teaching List

Mary, the Cause of Jesus’ Tears: Part 1
Mary, the Cause of Jesus’ Tears: Part 2

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