In the News – Shavuot and Mount Sinai

Many people think the Torah and the Old Testament is dead and shouldn’t be followed. But Rabbi Wernick shares his experience about Shavuot that makes you want to know more about the Torah. Rabbi Yoffie gives you a historical understanding of Shavuot.

Wernick: Standing Again at Sinai

By Rabbi Steven Wernick, Florida Jewish Journal

Rabbi Wernick talks about going to Mount Sinai to stand at the base of it, poised to receive the Torah as if for the first time like the children of Israel did many centuries ago. Shavuot represents “an annual renewal of the relationship we Jews as a people experience with God through Torah.” As he stands at Mount Sinai he recommits himself to the values the Torah instructs him on.

This was a very moving piece geared toward the Jewish people who practice Judaism. However, I believe his words apply to every believer of Yahweh. I enjoyed his sincerity.

Read more of the Rabbi’s heart concerning celebrating Shavuot.

Shavuot: Remembering Sinai and Foreign Workers

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

Rabbi Yoffie gives you a historical and modern day lesson concerning Shavuot. On this night the Jews become more serious about studying the Torah so they engage in all-night study sessions of sacred texts. “When Jews gather in their synagogues for Shavuot this year, they will continue these traditions of study, and they will use them to reflect on what transpired at Sinai.”

Shavuot is the day the marriage terms were established between the Jewish people and God. He explains why the reading of the book of Ruth was incorporated into this festival. You can read more about this day according Rabbi Yoffie.

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