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We read stories about idol worship throughout our scriptures and historical books. Yet, we’ve never really seen it lived out like it did in ancient times. Yes, we know there are people who practice the occult and cast spells on others, but we have never really seen it (if you are lucky) until now.

With the invention of television, the internet and newscasts we can watch anything our hearts desire, including the unveiling of a 9 foot tall, bronze goat-headed idol. On July 25, 2015 the Satanic Temple unveiled their idol, Baphomet at an industrial building near the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan. The happy invitees, hundreds of them, shouted, “Hail Satan” at the sight of the idol. You can read the stories, watch the TV accounts or see the pictures all over the internet if you want to.

What is the Baphomet Idol?

Baphomet has a long history from ancient times to modern times. Images were slightly changed and renamed and characterized. Yet, the things that stayed consistent were what it represented – knowledge, wisdom, duality, opposites. The name spelled backwards is supposed to mean “the temple of peace among all men”1 and represent serpent wisdom.

This Baphomet idol that was displayed in Detroit sits in a chair with two adoring children, boy and girl, gazing up lovingly at the goat-face. To me this shows that the target of idol worship is geared toward the children, who are easily influenced because the original idol doesn’t have children. If a generation of children grew up thinking it was okay to worship an image or a half-animal, half-human being, what would the world look like in 20 years? Could this be another reason why Yah forbids setting up images and idols?

Baphomet Idol in Detroit -

Believe it or not, according to some sources the Baphomet wasn’t always associated with evil. It didn’t get that way until Anton Lavey decided to use it as the symbol for the Church of Satan, thus popularizing it.

The Serpent’s Wisdom

However, all you have to do is look at the image itself and determine what spiritual conflicts it has based on what we believe. In ancient times, you might not see it as evil, but as enlightenment, knowing good from evil. You might worship the serpent as all knowing. But we don’t see it like that at all. It was the serpent who caused us to become guilt ridden and ashamed.

The first act of Adam and Eve wasn’t a great wealth of knowledge to improve their lives. It wasn’t to become powerful. It was being ashamed as Elohim called out to them. Their first act after learning good and evil was to hide themselves from a Holy Elohim. If they didn’t think anything was wrong they wouldn’t have hid themselves.

That is how Satan operates. He entices you with great wisdom and knowledge, but in turn gives you guilt and shame. He begins slowly killing you from the inside out, turning all that was good in you into something horrible until your outside reflects your inner state. Next thing you know you are full of bitterness, deception, jealousy and more.

You thought you were gaining something great. Only you found out you were losing who you really were. Don’t believe the enemy’s lie. Yahweh Elohim is the only one who has the greatest and most powerful wisdom and understanding out there. Yahweh will show you the truth if you ask Him. Please ask Him.

Why Set Up an Idol on Saturday?

I found it interesting that the Satanic Temple set this idol up on a Saturday because it is Yahweh’s holy day, the Sabbath. Now I know many Christians don’t believe Yahweh still wants us to honor the Sabbath because Yeshua did away with it. So they wouldn’t see anything wrong with them setting up an idol on that day. Don’t get me wrong. They are plenty mad about the idol being set up. It doesn’t matter which day it is.

no-compromiseThat is where a lack of understanding comes from. The enemy knows the scriptures. He knows the Sabbath was created for man and it is to be a sign between God and His people. He has been trying to get and keep God’s people in the dark for a long time now.

Satan has the Jewish people believing the Messiah never came. He has the Christian people believing the Old Testament is done away with, including all of Yahweh’s ways. He has the Muslims believing they are correct. And he has the world believing he doesn’t exist or is all powerful.

Satan has done all of this because he has been trying to replace Yahweh for eons. He wants to be Yahweh himself. He wants all the praise, glory and honor. He wants the worship. He knows that by not following God’s ways, we are automatically following his ways. You can’t serve two masters. This is why God told His people to choose whom they will serve.

If the Sabbath is a sign, a contract between God and the earth and man, then by not keeping it, we are breaking the contract. When Israel refused to keep the Sabbath and the laws attached to it, God caused them to go in exile. One of those laws involved allowing the earth to rest every seven years. They didn’t do that. They kept planting and depleting the nutrients in the ground. Man broke the contract so God had to honor His part by making the people leave the land so it could rest.

Scientists, doctors and mommies know that in order for anything to heal, it must rest. This is why sleep is so important. During sleep time, our bodies is trying to heal itself from all of the damage we are at aware of that happened throughout the day.

Yahweh has provided us with a healing cycle that the enemy has been trying to destroy for a while now. The Satanic Temple’s people knew what they were doing when they set up a Baphomet idol on a Sabbath day with children looking up to its goat-face.

Whether this idol started out as innocent doesn’t matter. What matters is the spiritual implications it now poses to the generations of this earth – a future of decay, violence, perversion and every evil imaginings of the heart.

Do you think the Baphomet idol is harmless? Do you think setting the idol up on Saturday has any significance?


Update 11/30/20: It appears the link is no longer valid, but I left the resource link so you’ll know where I originally got the information from. 

1 BAPHOMET – the Sigil of Baphomet (

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