The Missing Link: Inner Circle – Part 1

My daughter sent me a portion of a message through Instant Messenger. I loved what this man had to say so I searched for this video and listened to the whole thing. Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church speaks a powerful message about the missing link in your inner circle, which will propel you to walk in your purpose. This is a must listen to video.

Success and Purpose are not the same! -

We can have great success and still miss God. We can look great in man’s eyes and still miss God. We can build monuments, housed the homeless, develop a wonderful business and still miss God’s calling for our lives, according to His purpose.

This video will have you evaluating your life to make sure you are in God’s will and not your own. Your gifts and talents don’t determine your path. Only God’s call does.

Answer the call of God.

The Missing Link Video

The Missing Link

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