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The biggest question on many people’s mind is “Can Harold Camping be sued for his false predictions?” Can he be held accountable for those who had given up their jobs and used up their savings because they believed his prediction? He also gives a response to why the rapture didn’t happen. These are must read articles for understanding the man behind the prediction.

Could Harold Camping Be Sued?

By Katherine T. Phan

Over a hundred million dollars was spent on advertisement for the May 21st rapture announcement. After donating even more money everyone wants to know if Harold Camping or Family Radio can be sued for false predictions.

However, according to Matt Tuter, Family Radio’s international projects manager, most of the money spent on advertisement came from the sales of property they owned. Donated money was used to help people understand the message.

Sandra Miniutti is vice president of Charity Navigator, which is an organization that evaluates America’s largest charities. Family Radio received a 4-star ranking, the highest possible ranking. She doesn’t believe Family Radio didn’t commit anything wrong because they believed the rapture was going to happen.

“Donors would only have a recourse if the charity was soliciting for one thing but spent it on something else.”

Read more about suing Camping and what three things you should check for before giving to a non-profit organization.

Should Camping be sued? If you had donated money to this cause would you want it back?

Harold Camping – No Hell, More Excuses

By Audrey Barrick

When the great earthquake didn’t take place on May 21, Harold Camping went back to studying to find out what went wrong. He now believes he has the answer.

His answer? God is too merciful to let anyone suffer hell on earth, let alone eternal hell. Besides once you die you cease to exist therefore there will be no more suffering nor hell. Now the rapture and destruction will happen on October 21st – all in one day.

He takes no responsibility for those who quit their jobs and used up their life savings since he never told anyone to do that. People cope and will get through this. You can read more about his rationalization of what took place on May 21.

Do you agree with his answer as to why the rapture didn’t occur? Why or why not? Do you believe his new prediction is right? Would you believe any prediction he gives for future events?

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