Learning Hebrew for Biblical Study a Lot Slower

Learning Hebrew is a wonderful thing to do, especially if you are a teacher of the scriptures – the Holy Bible. It opens up a greater understanding to the scriptures. In “Learning Hebrew for Biblical Study” I listed the benefits of studying Hebrew, posted an Introduction Video to learning Hebrew, and gave several resources to further your knowledge in the Hebrew language.

I found another source on YouTube that goes through the alphabets a lot slower.  You can view the video below or go directly to YouTube to watch Learning Hebrew – Lesson 1. This video might be of better use to those who need things explained a bit more and that’s all right if you do.

Learning Hebrew Lesson 1

Learn Hebrew Words for the Human Body

I thought this was a fun video. It gives you the Hebrew word for body parts. To see more please check the reference section below.

Was either of these videos helpful in you getting started in learning Hebrew? Why do you want to learn Hebrew? Why don’t you want to learn Hebrew? Do you know any free sources of learning Hebrew? Please let me know.

Prayer Time

Our Heavenly Father, who is in heaven,
        We ask for you to open up our understanding of the Hebrew language so we can gain a better understanding of your word. Help us to learn it quickly and easily.
In Yeshua the Messiah’s name, Amen.


Here are some more YouTube videos to help you learn Hebrew.

Gershon’s Channel
He is a student of Hebrew and passing along what he has learned. He also features some videos to help you start reading the scriptures in Hebrew.

Jacob Richman’s Channel
This channel features quite a few Hebrew words grouped in sections such as fruits, fun, and the Human body. He takes his words from Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio, where you can learn even more words.

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