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I love languages. I studied Spanish in middle school. Latin in high school. Hebrew and Arabic in College. Sometime, I think I missed my calling. I should have taken languages more seriously and became a translator of ancient documents.

Basics of Biblical HebrewMy two great loves in life (besides my God and my family) are the Bible and languages. After many years of not using any of the languages I’ve learned, I’ve become quite rusty. Therefore, I’ve decided to learn, at least, Hebrew all over again. This time starting with Biblical Hebrew. I’m not sure how different it is from modern Hebrew, but hopefully, it won’t be too bad.

Let me tell you. God knows what you want and need in your life. I had been looking at Biblical Hebrew books at the bookstore. They looked good; however, I need some type of audio to go with that. It’s easier to learn when you are pronouncing the words correctly.

I opened my Facebook app and scrolled through for a few seconds and came across someone who shared a post to the first fabulous resource I have listed below. I couldn’t believe it. God gave me a full course to learn from. Isn’t He awesome!

Dr. William Barrick – Biblical Hebrew College Course

This Biblical Hebrew course is taught by Dr. William Barrick. This is his “personal website highlighting biblical studies and Bible translation.” His “commitment is to the exegesis of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.”

Dr. William Barrick

This is a full college course on learning Biblical Hebrew. I haven’t gone through the course yet, but I did look it over. It comes with a downloadable book, workbook and syllabus. All of the lectures are online also. The only thing is there is no answer key for the workbook.

I have looked over the syllabus and it looks like it would have been a great class to take. Unfortunately, there are no quizzes to show how well you’re doing.

The best thing is that if you like this course, he has three more courses you can take right on his website.  To learn more about these classes go to http://drbarrick.org/hebrew/.

Disclaimer: I haven’t studied or read any of his other articles on his site. So I can’t tell you whether I agree or disagree. I’m only suggesting his teaching on Biblical Hebrew.

Bill Mounce – Biblical Hebrew

Bill Mounce offers Biblical Hebrew also. These teachings are based on the book, Basics of Biblical Hebrew, and you can view the first four lessons free of charge. This will at least get you started on the road to learning Biblical Hebrew. If you like their style of learning, you can purchase the book and the rest of their online line classes.

Check out the course at https://billmounce.com/hebrew.

Let me know which one of these courses you’re going to try. If you know any other course that can help, please let me know.

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