Yahweh is Enthroned Forever! – Psalm 9

Psalm 9 is a song for the leader on the death of Labben. It is a psalm of David, who believed in praising God for everything, including destroying his enemies. In this psalm God is praised for being righteous and judging fairly. When enemies try to set snares for us God will allow them to fall into their own traps. There’s nothing they can do in secret that God won’t tell us about in order to keep us safe. He is our strong tower in tough times. When we are accused of wrong doing He will judge fairly. Let’s praise Yahweh for being the righteous judge that He is and forever being enthroned over everything. He is the one who sits on a throne forever. No one can remove Him.

Psalm 9 - Yahweh is enthroned forever

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Yahweh is Enthroned Forever

I give thanks to you Yahweh with all my heart. I tell about all your wonderful deeds.

I am glad and exult in you. I sing praise to your name, ‘Elyon.

When my enemies turn back, they stumble and perish before you. For you upheld my cause as just, sitting on the throne as the righteous judge. You rebuked the nations, destroyed the wicked, blotted out their name forever and ever. The enemy is finished, in ruins forever; you destroyed their cities; all memory of them is lost.

But you Yahweh are enthroned forever; you have set up your throne for judgment. You will judge the world in righteousness; you will judge the peoples fairly.

Yahweh you are a stronghold for the oppressed, a tower of strength in times of trouble. Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you have not abandoned those who seek you, Yahweh.

We sing praises to you Yahweh, who lives in Tziyon; we proclaim your deeds among the peoples. For the avenger of blood remembers them, you do not ignore the cry of the afflicted: “Have mercy on me, Yahweh! See how I suffer from those who hate me; you raise me from the gates of death, so that I can proclaim all your praises at the gates of the daughter of Tziyon and rejoice in this deliverance of yours.”

The nations have drowned in the pit they dug, caught their own feet in the net they hid. You Yahweh made yourself known and executed judgment; the wicked are ensnared in the work of theirown hands. (Higgayon; Selah)

The wicked will return to Sh’ol, all the nations that forget you God, for the poor will not always be forgotten or the hope of the needy perish forever.

Arise, Yahweh! Don’t let mortals prevail! Let the nations be judged in your presence. Strike them with terror, Yahweh! Let the nations know they are only human. (Selah)

Scripture Reference

Psalms 9

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