A Willingness to Give to God to Build Him a Home in the Earth

God asked Moses to take a contribution for Him. This contribution was to be used to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle), the dwelling place of God. It would be the place where God would meet with Moses to instruct him so he could instruct the people. This place would allow God to live in the midst of His people.  

Terumah – Contributions – A Willingness to Give to God to Build Him a Home in the Earth

This contribution was to come from those who had a willing heart to give to God to build His earthly home. It was to come out of their abundance, which God blessed them with before they left Egypt. 

God didn’t tell them how much to give, but He did tell them what to give. So, Moses asked the people to give only if they were willing. This had to come out of their love for God. This wasn’t a requirement. 

Moses didn’t ask the people for their information to track their giving. He didn’t ask for pledges. He didn’t give them a certain amount to give. He didn’t promise some great return if they gave. All he said was to give with a willing heart, out of their love for God. 

This is the true way to give – willingly and in love without expecting something in return from those you gave to.

When you give in the name of God are you giving because you truly want to? Or are you giving in hopes of getting something in return?

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