The Blueprint of God’s House Should Excite You to Learn More

When God decided to dwell in the earth He wanted to create a home away from home. Thus, He showed Moses His Temple in heaven and admonished him to follow it exactly. He wasn’t to deviate from it, add to it or take away from it. 

The Blueprint of God's House Should Excite You to Learn More

After collecting contributions, the very first thing God tells Moses to build is the ark with the mercy seat above it. It was the only piece of furniture to go into the Holy of Holies. 

It was God’s throne room. His special place. No one could barge in whenever they felt like it. 

Like any great king, you have to be invited into the throne room to commune with the king. And everyone didn’t get that chance. At this moment it was only Moses who got to speak intimately with the Great King of the universe.

The ark was made of acacia wood with an overlay of gold. The first thing to go into it was the testimony of God that He gave to Moses. 

Then the mercy seat was created. This is where God would meet with Moses to discuss the future of Israel. 

God gives Moses great details on building the Mishkan and all of its items. It mattered to Him. Shouldn’t it matter to us?

Have you ever studied the Mishkan/Tabernacle? If so, what did you learn about it? If not, why? 

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