I Honor You God with My Wealth – Proverbs 3:9

“Honor YHWH with your wealth and with the first fruits of all your produce.” – Proverbs 3:9

Father God, how could I forget to honor You with my wealth and the first fruits of my produce? Please forgive me. I know I haven’t been consistent. I know I have to do better. I will do better because You deserve to be worshipped in this manner. 

I Honor You God with My Wealth – Proverbs-3:9

You are the One who gives me the power to get wealth. It’s only because of You I am able to provide for my family and help others. You’re the reason I am alive today and breathing normal, have children and grandchildren. All that matters to me is because of You. 

Today, I honor You for all that You’ve given me. Thank You. 

Father, teach me how to correctly honor You with my substance according to Your Word and not man’s ways.

How do you honor God? Tell us in the comments.

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