Don’t Mix the Seeds

The earth has survived centuries. Then man came along and thought they knew better than God, the Creator of the earth. So they decided to improve on His nature. Instead, they have poisoned the earth, the waters, and the air with their improvements. Now they are messing up our food supply, using genetically modified organisms. Some people may say there isn’t anything wrong with genetically modified food. However, the Bible tells us something different. It tells us not to mix the seeds together.

Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee. (Leviticus 19:19 KJV)

Observe my regulations. Don’t let your livestock mate with those of another kind, don’t sow your field with two different kinds of grain, and don’t wear a garment of cloth made with two different kinds of thread. (Leviticus 19:19 CJB)

The Hebrew word used for “mingled” means “two kinds or mixture.” It is a forbidden practice and the food must be forfeited and not eaten.

You are not to sow two kinds of seed between your rows of vines; if you do, both the two harvested crops and the yield from the vines must be forfeited. (Deuteronomy 22:9 CJB)

What is GMO?

So what does that have to do with GMOs? “A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Genetic modification involves the mutation, insertion, or deletion of genes. Organisms that have been genetically modified include micro-organisms such as bacteria and yeast, insects, plants, fish, and mammals.” By its very definition, GMOs can be classified as mingled seed and should not be eaten.

Instead of caring for the soil like God commanded and allowing it to rest every seven years, nutrients are being depleted and now it’s becoming harder and harder to grow nutritious food. In order to combat this and the crops being eaten by insects, which are growing resistant to insecticides and pesticides, improvements had to be made. Basically, someone decided to improve our food supply by altering its DNA.

Unfortunately, man doesn’t realize everything was created to work in harmony. When we begin to kill off insects or alter food it is no longer in harmony with its surroundings. This begins the breeding ground for chaos and chaos always ends in disaster.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

A Possible Outcome

God in His wisdom saw the path this could lead down and tried to warn us. He told us to not mix the seeds together. He knew He created everything to work in perfect harmony. An alteration to that harmony can only bring misfortune. One possible example could involve a company owning a particular food product.

Think about it. If Greedy Company modified a food product, say for instant — corn, that could resist pesticides, be used for more than just food, and could grow big and strong, and be delicious to eat, then Greedy Company could patent that corn. With a patent they own that food product.

Now let’s say the wind blows some seeds down the lane and across the field. These seeds land on Mr. Brown’s small farm and mingle with his corn, which he sells at the local farmers market in town. Greedy Company decides to buy corn from everyone at the farmers market and takes them back to their lab to test for its patent DNA sequence. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown’s corn came back positive. Now Greedy Company has a right to Mr. Brown’s corn and anyone else’s that came back positive.

Don’t think it could happen? When genetically modified food is created it is a new invention and inventions belong to someone. Infringe on someone’s patent and see if you won’t be sued. That’s what patents are for — to protect the owner of the invention.

Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods Video

Another tragedy is how these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may cause health problems. “Studies link GMOs with toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, accelerated aging, and death.” This video is by expert Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller Seeds of Deception, and Genetic Roulette. He “presents SHOCKING evidence why these gene-spliced crops may lead to health and environmental catastrophes. Learn how to protect yourself and discover the Campaign for Healthier Eating in America — a brilliant plan to quickly end the genetic engineering of our food supply.”

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.

Ways to Avoid GMO Foods

The number one way to avoid GMO foods is to grow your own garden. I attempted to grow one this year and found it to be rewarding. Make sure to use heirloom seeds. These seeds are free from GMOs and produce a variety of colors and sizes.

Read the labels. Some products will say, “NO GMO” right on the label. It’s not mandatory for them to say that, but they want their customers to know they produce a better product. To help the rest of the companies come aboard, the powers that be should be lobbied for GMO labeling.

Non-GMO Project VerifiedLearn which foods are genetically modified. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them, but the Discovery website lists the Top 10 Genetically Modified Food Products to avoid. Just start eliminating some of the items a few at a time and replace them with non-GMO counterparts. Whole Foods Market has a list of verified non-GMO products which can be viewed based on store location.

Make your own pre-made mixes to replace those you no longer eat. Buying non-GMO ingredients are not only cost effective, but it allows you to make anything you need, including those box meals you get from the store.

Learn More about GMOs

Here are a few more places to learn about GMOs, what they are, why we should avoid them, who’s using them and who isn’t using them in their products.

God’s Way is Better!

When we follow God’s way of doing things we don’t have to worry about where our food has come from, what was used to grow it, or if it has been genetically modified. We can truly rest in His provisions. God knew what He was talking about when He told us not to mingle seeds together. He knew what the results would be if we sliced genes together. He knew what health problems could arise, how food could be controlled, and how food would no longer be able to really sustain life.

Maybe it’s time we stepped back from the world’s system and learn to rely on God’s way of doing things. If we earnestly seek Him for answers in how to do this, He will answer us.

How do you feel about genetically modified foods? Are you for it or against it? Let me know in the comments below.

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