How Do You Respond to God’s Favor on Your Life?

Associating God’s favor with material things is the way most people measure God’s favor on their lives – the bigger the house, the more expensive the car, or the popularity. That’s not how Moses viewed God’s favor. 

Ki Tisa – When You Take – How Do You Respond to God’s Favor?

First he associated God’s favor to knowing his name. Now you might say, “Well, God knows everyone’s name.” Although this is true, the meaning here is one of intimacy. Moses and God had a real friendship. It wasn’t a one-sided relationship where God was doing all the giving and Moses was doing all the receiving. 

 Whenever God asked Moses to do something he did it. When Moses asked God for something it wasn’t just for himself. It was for all of Israel. He didn’t view God’s favor on his life with an “it’s all about me and mine.” Or “What else can I get from God to prove He favors me?”

His response to God’s favor was “show me Your ways so I can understand You more, get closer to you and continue to find favor from You.” He wanted to know God better. He wanted to be in His divine will. 

If God’s Presence didn’t go with them, then he refused to move. God’s favor brought Moses closer to God, not further away by desiring more of the world, while spending less time with God.

God’s favor on your life should do the same. It should create a desire in you to move closer to God, wanting to know Him better, desiring to be with Him more.

If you feel God favors you, how do you respond to Him in return?

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