Which Scriptures in the Bible Can You Use to Prove You’re Following the Most High God?

In ancient times every god had their own days of celebration. When you kept that day everyone around you understood which god you were honoring and following. To not participate in a god’s celebration day indicated you had no dealings with that god. 

Which Scriptures in the Bible Can You Use to Prove You're Following the Most High God?

The Great I AM was no different. He established feast days of His own to follow. Only His didn’t involve child sacrifices, orgies, prostitution, illicit dancing, or gorging on animals God never said was for food. 

Instead, God’s feast days gave everyone a chance to draw closer to Him in a dignified way. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor. It did involve:

  • learning how to properly approach the God of the universe
  • remembering what God did for you
  • giving you an opportunity to show your gratitude towards God
  • treating your neighbor with kindness
  • owning up to your mistakes by making retributions
  • sharing a meal with your family and friends

These feast days are still in effect today for the Living God of Israel. How do we know? Because as long as a god still lives his days of celebration are to be honored by the people who love him. And they do it according to the way their god wants it done.

YWHW Elohim, King of the universe is no different. Yeshua didn’t abolish his Father’s feast days. He didn’t have that authority to do so because God said that His feast days were to be celebrated throughout every generation. 

So, the question to you today is, “Which God do you truly follow?” Is it the God of the Bible or the god of this world? Is there enough scripture to back up your claim?

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