How Do You Treat God When He Visits You? Is it Like Abraham’s Example?

This week’s Bible passage starts off with God and His two companions appearing to Abraham at the entrance of his tent. There God talked with Abraham. The thing I love about the book of Genesis is all of the first mentions of everything. The first paradise, the first children, murder, siblings, offerings, rules, rainbow, and more.

This meeting was not different. It was the first of its kind. Later, we see in Exodus 33:7-11 this pattern repeated with Moses. God talks with Moses at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. A lot of things happen at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. Just look in the book of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers.

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When God approaches Abraham the first thing he does is prostate himself on the ground, asks them to stay and then have a meal prepared for them. He treats them with kindness and respect. He honors them with the best meal he can prepare. He asks Sarah to prepare bread with the best flour they have, and he ran to find the most tender calf he could find so the servant could cook it.

He gave his best in a timely manner. He wasn’t slow. He acted like royalty had just stepped on his proverbial doorsteps and he treated them as such.

When God visits you how do you act? How do you treat Him? When you pray do you wait for Him to answer, or do you just get up and go about your business? Do you speak to Him on a daily basis or just on the weekend?

God Tells Abraham Why He’s There

The reason for the visit was to let Abraham know that this time next year Isaac would be born. 

God wanted him to know He hadn’t forgotten about him. It’s been a long time since they’ve first spoken about His promise to Abraham, but now was the time for it to come to fruition. It didn’t matter if they thought they were too old because the God of all creation had a plan. And as usual His plan included making the impossible to possible.

Let’s just be honest for a moment. If Sarah had been young enough to bear children, would we have even given this another thought? Would we really believe God had something to do with it? After all, this is the beginning of a called-out people to represent God in the earth.

God Nevers Forget His Promises to You

Like Abraham God may have promised you something a long time ago, but don’t worry. He hasn’t forgotten you. It’s all in His timing. If you try to rush it, you’ll ruin it. Be patient and let God set everything up for you. Just continue doing what is righteous. Continue to obey Him, worship Him, and adore Him. Continue to be a light to those around you. He will show up right on time.

Remember, Abraham continued to live his life the best way he knew how, which was according to God’s ways. During that wait, he had to separate from Lot, who only wanted the best of everything, even if it meant living among the unrighteous. He proved God was his source of prosperity when he rescued Lot and asked for nothing in return. He gave a tenth of all he had to the King of Salem. During his time of waiting he continued to prove his love and loyalty to God alone.

We are no different. If you’re waiting, wait while doing good and relying on God at every turn.

If you’ll like to share your story of waiting, we’ll love to hear it. 

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