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Whenever we listen to music we must pay attention to what we are really listening to. Sometimes, we sway back and forth to the beat, never listening to what is being spoken into our hearing. Even with Christian music or music by those who proclaim to serve Yeshua we must be careful. Here are two articles concerning people in the music industry.

Paramore’s Former Guitarist Says Faith Led Him to Leave Band

By Ariel R. Rey

Josh Farro, Paramore’s former guitarist, along with his brother, Zac, walked away from their band after a dispute over lyrics. Paramore doesn’t consider itself to be a Christian band, but Josh felt their roots were Christian. So after hearing the lyrics to the song, “Careful,” Josh became upset over it. He felt it went against what he believed. The lyrics that upset him were “The truth never set me free. So, I did it myself.”

Haley Williams, the lead singer, said a lot changed when they went on tour. Whereas they used to attend church regularly, it stopped when they began touring. One Easter they were in Hooters, but only because they forgot what the day was. Although she says Jesus and God are important to her (they pray before every show), “it’s not our job to teach people. I think that what we believe will most likely always shape our opinions and our thoughts but it’s not our goal to write that down and spread it for everyone to learn from.”

Tell me who do you agree with? Farro or Williams? Do you think the Farro brothers were right in leaving the band? Do you think they over reacted?

You can read the full article of Paramore’s former guitarist leaving because of his faith now. Also, check out the lyrics to Careful also.

Paul Simon Has Been ‘Thinking about (God) More’

By Ginny Mooney

Paul Simon’s new album has a lot of lyrics concerning God and Jesus, which is a big change from his last album. The last album displayed a harsh overtone toward religion while the new album will make you think he may have changed his mind. Read about Paul’s new album and let me know what you think.

Do you think Paul Simon is having a change of heart toward God? Do you even care one way or the other? Or does this give you hope that God is speaking to those in a position of influence?

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