Introducing WiseFire: The Ideal Source of Emergency Fuel

If your disaster has caused you to be exposed to nature’s fury and you need to make a fire then this may be your answer. WiseFire, the ideal source of fuel for emergency preparedness and outdoor use, comes in lightweight grab-and-go buckets and burns in rain, sleet or snow without releasing any harmful chemicals or gases into the air.

The key benefits of WiseFire are

  • Safe to store – 25 year shelf life and stores safely near food
  • Burns “green” – does not contain any harmful chemicals or vapors
  • WiseFires’s leftover ash is a natural fertilizer-it nourishes the earth
  • Nonvolatile – no risk for unexpected fires or flare-ups
  • Optimal fire starter that lights the first time

WiseFire bucket

VIDEO: New WiseFire – the Ultimate Emergency Fuel

You’ve got to see it to believe it!


We recently ordered samples from all the top “long term storage” companies and had our family come over for a taste test…guess who won? Wise Company! We then placed our first order and look forward to doing much more business with your company in the future! These meals are so good that when you have those days that you just don’t feel like cooking we can break one out and you have it made in minutes and easy clean up…what could be better! ” ~ Jay – Facebook

Shop WiseFire:

WiseFire 1 Gallon 60 Cup Fuel Source – Grab Now at $29.99!

WiseFire 2 Gallon 120 Cup Fuel Source – Grab Now at $49.99!

WiseFire 4 Gallon 240 Cup Fuel Source – Grab Now at $79.99!

WiseFire Pouches in a Box Boils 60 Cups of Water – Grab Now at $34.99!

Wise Food Storage 7 Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit – Grab Now at $143.99!

Wise Food Storage 1 Month Prepper Pack for 4 Adults – Grab Now at $1, 229.95!

Wise Food Storage 360 Serving Freeze Dried Fruit Combo – Grab Now at $409.00!

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