The Book of the Covenant Belongs to God, Israel, and You

The Exodus event was a marvelous sight. There were hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who were led out of horrible slavery by a man who represented an invisible God. This invisible God obliterated the major gods of Egypt, who they could see in statue form. 

Absolutely amazing!

The Book of the Covenant

Now they’re in the wilderness, listening to this invisible God speak to them. Loud and terrifying, they shrunk away, wanting to hear no more from God. Instead, they asked Moses to speak to God on their behalf. Then he could tell them everything He said. They drew back from the mountain and Moses drew near to the darkness where God resided. 

God continues speaking to Moses. He reiterates not making gods of silver or gold, alongside worshipping Him. He gives the conditions concerning altars being used for Him. He doesn’t want manmade statues or bricks made by man to make His alters. 

God is setting Himself apart from all of the other gods by not having statues to represent Him. Or making alters like everyone else. He continues down this road by establishing rules that were beneficial to all mankind.

God’s Rules to Israel for Mankind

God’s plans for Israel were to show the nations a better way of life, while serving a just and honest God who loved them. So, these rules were to benefit everyone. 

The very next thing He talks about is slavery. After coming out of slavery, they must have been eager to hear what could and could not be done to them or others. He continues with the set of ordinances speaking on killing, parents, fighting, animals, restitution, stealing, arson, personal responsibility, borrowing, virgins, sorcery, bestiality, worshipping other gods, sojourners, rulers, false reports, enemies, justice, Sabbaths, Festivals, and first fruits. 

Afterwards, Moses told all of Israel what God had said. They agreed to all of it. Then he wrote everything down. The next morning, he went through a covenantal ritual. These writings became known as the Book of the Covenant. 

After solidifying the covenant, he read the book out loud for everyone to hear. Again, all of Israel agreed to it. By agreeing twice, they understood what was being asked of them. 

Growing up I watched the movies and cartoons. I heard the sermons and teachings. It went something like this. God brought Israel out of Egypt. They got to the desert. Moses went up on the mountain. He met with God. Then he brought down the 10 commandments. He broke them after seeing how the people were acting with a golden calf. 

Yet, when you read the scriptures for yourself. You’ll see all of this happened before Moses spent the first 40 days & nights on the mountain with God. 

So, when people say the law was done away with I wonder why Jesus would do away with something that benefits all mankind. Why would he do away with God’s legal system? The system that’s there to protect you and me from false testimonies, being killed, or raped and letting that person go free?

What do you think about this? Do these rules seem too heavy to bare? Would you want to live in a society where anything goes? Think of the movie franchised called “The Purge” when you answer that last question.  

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