Yahweh, Thank You – Isaiah 42

There can be praise found throughout the scriptures, not just in the book of Psalms. In Isaiah 42 we find praise being directed to Yah about what He has done, how faithful He is and what He is doing and is going to do. Normally, I just take scripture as it is, but today I have mixed my own praise in. Now let’s celebrate Yah today for just being awesome!

Yahweh, Thank You - cswisdom.com

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Yahweh, Thank You

YHWH, you created the heavens and spread them out; you stretched out the earth and all that grows from it. We thank you for all of the variety you’ve given us in your creation – from the valley to the mountain, from the dry land to the wet ocean, from the earth below to the heavens above. You have given us the so much beauty. We thank you.

You give breath to the people on the earth and spirit to those who walk on it. Without you we wouldn’t exist. Without your continuous breathe we would perish. So we thank you for your mercy and compassion on this day.

You are YHWH; that is your name. You yield your glory to no one else, nor your praise to any idol. And we don’t either. You are not a god who is made by hands. You are the Great and Mighty Elohim, Yahweh. There is no one like you in the earth or the heavens. Everyone and everything must obey you. Therefore, all glory, praise, and honor belong to you. All worship is rightfully due to you.

We see how the former predictions came true; and now new things do you declare – before they sprout you tell us about them. You love us so much you want to do new things for us. You have an expected end for us. Thank you.

Sing to YHWH a new song! Let his praise be sung from the ends of the earth by those sailing the sea and by everything in it, by the coastlands and those living there. Let the desert and its cities raise their voices, the villages where Kedar lives; let those living in Sela shout for joy; let them cry out from the mountaintops! Let them give glory to YHWH and proclaim his praise in the coastlands.

You turn darkness to light and straighten our twisted paths. These are things you do without fail. Where would we be if you had not done so? Who would we be? You have saved us more times than we can count, even when we were too blind to see it. Thank you.

YHWH, you are pleased, for your righteousness’ sake, to make the Torah great and glorious. Without it we wouldn’t have a clue as to how you want us to live, how we should treat one another, or what you require from us. Thank you for your written word and your living word, who became flesh.

YHWH, you are glorious and magnificent. There is no one like you in the entire universe. No one else deserves the praise and glory like you do. No one else deserves to be bowed down to and worshiped like you do. We bless you on this Shabbat, singing HalleluYah to our Elohim.


Scripture Reference

Isaiah 42

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