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There’s nothing like studying the Word of God and gaining new insight from scriptures you’ve read a hundred times already. The adrenaline, the rush — it’s amazing! There is so much beauty in the written Word of God. The time you spend exploring and challenging what you already know to see if it really lines up with the Word of God is time well spent.

Love God with all your heart
Speak with Confidence
Watch Out

Common Sense Wisdom can assist you in your journey of the scriptures. Our teachings reconcile the New Testament with the Old Testament, supporting one scripture with other scriptures. This allows you to gain a proper understanding of what the scriptures are saying and to have the strong foundation you need to stand on.

Our main focus is to reveal to you who you are as a child of the Most High, what your rights are as a joint-heir with Yeshua (Jesus), and how you can receive the blessings set forth by your King, Yahweh Elohim (God).

Take a few minutes to explore the site and choose a place to get started on your journey. You can learn more about staying healthy God’s way, how to use the Word to praise God, why you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas and Easter, how to start a study when reading a chapter a day, and so much more. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.




  • {The New Testament Quoting the Old Testament Part 10}

    New Testament Quotes Old Testament Part 10 - cswisdom.com

    Some people don’t realize how often the Old Testament is quoted in the New Testament. I found this list on the internet and decided to write out the actual scriptures so you can read them for yourself. There are over 200 quotes, but I am only listing a few at ...

  • {Muslim Woman Turns to Jesus}

    Muslim Woman Turns to Jesus: cswisdom.com

    I found this testimony of a Muslim woman who became a Christian. Her story is a remarkable one. She married a man who promised to love her and give her the world. Then he started verbally abusing her. She thought something was wrong with her and Allah was mad at ...

  • {Yahweh, Keep Me from Evil – Psalm 141}

    Psalm 141: Yahweh, Keep Me from Evil - cswisdom.com

    Psalm 141 is a psalm of David, which reads more like a prayer. Like him, I am asking Father God to set guard over my mouth, keep me from being enticed to do what is evil in His eye sight, and allow those who are following Him to rebuke me ...

  • {Anti-Plague Formula: Improve Your Immune System}

    Improve Your Immue System - cswisdom.com

    I originally wrote about the Anti-Plague Formula a while ago. In the “Anti-Plague Formula: Kill Stubborn Viruses” article I talk about how this formula helped me with improving my breathing from asthma problems and how it kept my whole family healthy during flu season. Now here we are again in ...




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