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There’s nothing like studying the Word of God and gaining new insight from scriptures you’ve read a hundred times already. The adrenaline, the rush — it’s amazing! There is so much beauty in the written Word of God. The time you spend exploring and challenging what you already know to see if it really lines up with the Word of God is time well spent.

Love God with all your heart
Speak with Confidence
Watch Out

Common Sense Wisdom can assist you in your journey of the scriptures. Our teachings reconcile the New Testament with the Old Testament, supporting one scripture with other scriptures. This allows you to gain a proper understanding of what the scriptures are saying and to have the strong foundation you need to stand on.

Our main focus is to reveal to you who you are as a child of the Most High, what your rights are as a joint-heir with Yeshua (Jesus), and how you can receive the blessings set forth by your King, Yahweh Elohim (God).

Take a few minutes to explore the site and choose a place to get started on your journey. You can learn more about staying healthy God’s way, how to use the Word to praise God, why you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas and Easter, how to start a study when reading a chapter a day, and so much more. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.




  • {My Sacrifice of Praise to You, Yahweh}

    My Sacrifice of Praise to Yahweh - www.cswisdom.com

    Normally, I use the scriptures to praise God on His Shabbats. Today, I want to deviate from that a little and praise Him from my own mouth. The scriptures tell us that He wants our praise. Not only that but He deserves our praise.
    Through him, therefore, let us offer God ...

  • {New Testament Verse Quotes Old Testament Verse – 2 Corinthians 10:17}

    New Testament Quotes Old Testament - 2 Cor. 10:17 & Jer. 9:23 - www.cswisdom.com

    Many people believe that the Old Testament is irrelevant today. All that matters is the New Testament and the new covenant. However, if that was the truth the speakers in the New Testament wouldn’t have quoted the Old Testament over 200 times. It obviously was important to them to lay ...

  • {Names of God (Song) by Laurell Hubick}

    Names of God - Laurell Hubick - www.cswisdom.com

    This song speaks to my heart and all I can be is humbled by the fact that YHWH is always there for me in whatever area I need Him in my life. If it wasn’t for His mercy and grace that drew me to Him. Oh, where would I be? ...

  • {Yahweh, You Deserve the Praise In Spite of How We Feel – Nehemiah 9}

    {Yahweh, You Deserve the Praise In Spite of How We Feel – Nehemiah 9} - www.cswisdom.com

    Yahweh deserves praises at all times. It doesn’t matter if we feel like it, if we want to or not, or if we feel like we’re unworthy to give Him His praise. He deserves to be praised at all times. Israel had sinned against God and yet they came before ...




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