Shabbat Shalom – Your Statues are My Songs in My Sojourning – Psalm 119:54

Shabbat Shalom!

“Your statues have been my songs in the house of my sojourning.”

Abba! Father! Glorious King of the universe! You are worthy of all the praise and worship we as human beings can give You. In unison with all of creation – the animals, plants, trees, stars, insects, birds, sea creatures and everything else that has breath – we shout “HalleluYah to the Great King of Israel, the God Most High!” 

Shabbat Shalom – You Statues are My Songs in My Sojourning – Psalm 119:54

We are forever grateful to You for giving us Your statues so we can behave like the human beings You created us to be. Without Your status to guide us, we would be lost, wild, untamed, doing the worst to other human beings, who were created in Your image.

Wherever we go we can rely on Your statues to guide us into honoring and respecting You, our Messiah, ourselves, and our fellow human beings. Your statues help us to create the maximum good in this world to benefit all mankind.

Thank You for Your statues and loving us enough to give them to us.

Love Dawn

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