31 Status: Becoming a Woman of Proverbs

Janette spoken wordI came across this video about a ministry who helps women see themselves as the beautiful women God created them to be. This poet, Janette Ikz, does an excellent job of communicating what it means to be a woman with standards, a woman of Proverbs in today’s society. I have no affiliation with this ministry, but I love their mission and that is why I am sharing their story.

Maybe you won’t be a part of this group, but hopefully, you can spread the word to other women, especially teenagers, who need to know they are loved by God first and foremost. They don’t have to settle for men who put them down or want them to dress in a way that is uncomfortable to them. They don’t have to do anything that goes against their belief, just to get a man.

I always say, “If God created me and I am a good woman, then he had to create a good man for me.” I refuse to believe there are no good men because I met a few horrible men. After all, my heavenly Father has been good to me. He has loved me in spite of…cared for me in spite of…protected me in spite of…and saved me in spite of myself and my circumstances. He has healed me and restored my soul.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, listen to this video and know you are worth more than you know. You mean so much to God and his opinion of you is the only one that truly matters.

31 Status Video

31 Status’ Mission

This statement was taken from their website: www.31status.com.

The mission of the 31 Status Movement is to show women around the world what a Proverbs 31 woman looks like in today’s generation. We want to set a new standard of beauty in a world that tells us sex and seduction is the only way to find love. We believe true love comes from God, and we want to help you know Him and know yourself in a greater way. We want to empower and encourage you to better yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Finally, our goal above all else is for you to embrace “Who and Whose you are” as a female and as a 31.

As our organisation grows, we plan to provide avenues for global outreach and recovery centers. Join us through prayer and spreading the word as we impact women worldwide.

[UPDATE – February 16, 2016] – Unfortunately, it looks like the website 31status is no longer live.

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  1. Hello , I clicked on the link to the 31 status and its not working. If you can tell me how to get one of those shirts that they where I be for ever grateful.

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like that website is no longer available. Please check the other link on the page and see if this young lady can help you.

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