Awesome God (Song) by Michael W. Smith

Our God, Yahweh, is an awesome God. He reigns from the heavens. His footstool is the earth. At His voice the wind cease, the mountains move, the thunder sounds and humanity bows at His feet. Who else can command such respect in the universe? Who else is like unto our Elohim? Who can compare to Him? NO ONE! Not in the heavens above or the earth below. Not in the galaxies or in the universe. He is AWESOME!

Awesome God - - Common Sense Wisdom

To learn more about this series, read “To Yahweh Be the Glory.”

Awesome God Video

Song: “Awesome God.” Artist: Michael W. Smith.

Awesome God Lyrics

When He rolls up His sleeves He ain’t just puttin’ on the Ritz (our God is an Awesome God) There is thunder in His footsteps And lightning in His fists (our God is an Awesome God) Well the Lord He wasn’t jokin’ when He kicked ’em out of Eden It wasn’t for no reason that He shed His blood His return is very close and so you better be believin’ That our God is an Awesome God [REFRAIN] Our God (our god) is an Awesome God He Reigns (he reigns) from heaven above With Wisdom (with wisdom) pow’r and love Our God is an Awesome God When the sky was starless in the void of the night (our god is an awesome god) He spoke into the darkness and created the light (our god is an awesome god) Judgement and wrath He poured out the Sodom Mercy and grace He gave us at the cross I hope that we have not too quickly forgotten that Our God is an Awesome God [REFRAIN x3]

Scripture Reference

God rules the nations; God sits on his holy throne.” – Psalm 47:8

ADONAI will reign forever, your God, Tziyon, through all generations. Halleluyah!” – Psalm 146:10

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, proclaiming shalom, bringing good news of good things, announcing salvation and saying to Tziyon, “Your God is King!” – Isaiah 52:7

Then I heard what sounded like the roar of a huge crowd, like the sound of rushing waters, like loud peals of thunder, saying, “Halleluyah! ADONAI, God of heaven’s armies, has begun his reign!” – Revelations 19:6

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