Blessed are You (Song) by Paul Wilbur

I love this song. It’s speaks of our God being the Eternal King. Paul Wilbur speaks on some of the great attributes of Yah, our Elohim. There is no one like Him. Without Him we wouldn’t be able to read this today. So let’s join him this morning in praising our God, who forever reigns. HalleluYAH!

Blessed Are You O' Lord Our God

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Blessed Are You Video

Song: “Blessed Are You.” Artist: Paul Wilbur.

Blessed Are You Lyrics

Blessed are You O Lord our God
Eternity’s holy King
Blessed are You O Lord our God
Whose Word bring on the evening

Bar’chu et Adonai ham’vorach l’olam vaed
Bar’chu et Adonai ham’vorach l’olam vaed By wisdom O Lord

Heaven’s gates open up
With understanding You order the seasons
Creating day and night
Turning darkness into light
Arranging the stars to Your pleasing

O blessed be the King
To the Holy One we sing
Lord of Hosts is Your name
O everliving God rule over us
Now and forever the same

Scripture Reference

I am the LORD, your holy one, Israel’s creator, your king! Isaiah 43:15

Indeed, our shield belongs to the LORD, our king to the Holy One of Israel. Psalm 89:18

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