Delivered from Drugs and in His Right Mind Now

This is a testimony of this young man who came in selling banana nut bread at the doctor’s office where my sister and I were waiting. He was giving us his testimony about how he was selling bread to help with funding the Christian rehab place he’s in right now. A Christian person took him to the rehab place, which is a Christian church of which I know the pastor. This young man was out of his mind like the man from Gerasenes, walking around with a brain fried by drugs, mindlessness, and without any place to go. His mother had even given up on him.

Delivered from Drugs and in His Right Mind Now -

Now to look at him you could tell his countenance was that of an angel’s and full of the Spirit of God! He was testifying about how Jesus turned his life around and I was encouraging him to continue in the faith and path he was on now. We paid him for the loaves of bread and he left singing a song to the Lord. My heart was lifted up, and more than that, others waiting in the doctor’s office heard his brief testimony! My sister and I were so happy at what the Lord had done in this young man. ~ Anita from TX


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