Yahweh, Creator of Heaven & Earth

In the cartoon “The Incredibles” there is a neighborhood child always riding his big wheel down the street. Now every time Mr. Incredible comes home this little boy is just waiting in his driveway. Unfortunately, Mr. Incredible seems to be having some bad days and takes it out on his car. After seeing the little boy, he stops. Finally, Mr. Incredible asks the little boy, “What are you waiting for?” The little boy looks up at him, shrugs, and says, “I don’t know…something amazing?!”

I thought this was an appropriate introduction to this praise this morning because I know someone who does something amazing every day. His name is Yahweh Elohim. He is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He is the one who deserves all the praise and worship in the world. He is AMAZING! He is AWESOME! So join me in praising him today.

A Praise to Yahweh

Yahweh! Our Lord! How glorious is your name throughout the earth! The fame of your majesty spreads even above the heavens! The earth is yours, with all that is in it, the world and those who live there.

For by wisdom you founded the earth. You fixed the earth on its foundations, never to be moved. You set its foundations on the seas and established it on the rivers. You covered it with the deep like a garment.

By your word, Yahweh, the heavens were made, and their whole host by a breath from your mouth. By understanding you established the heavens. You determine how many stars there are and call them all by name. You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to set. You bring darkness, and it is night.

By your knowledge the deep springs burst open and the dew condenses from the sky. Look at the sea, so great, so wide! It teems with countless creatures, living beings, both large and small. The waters stood above the mountains. At your rebuke they fled; at the sound of your thunder they rushed away, flowing over hills, pouring into valleys, down to the place you had fixed for them. You determined a boundary they could not cross; they were never to cover the earth again. You collect the sea waters together in a heap; you put the deeps in storehouses.

By your strength you set up the mountains. You veil the sky with clouds. You provide the earth with rain and make grass grow on the hills. Before the mountains were born, before you had formed the earth and the world, from eternity past to eternity future you are God.

You, Yahweh, are great. Your power is vast and your wisdom beyond all telling. You are clothed with power. You still the roaring of the seas, their crashing waves, and the people’s turmoil. This is why those living at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your signs. The places where the sun rises and sets you cause to sing for joy.

We sing to you thanksgiving and praise your holy name. All the earth fears you, Yahweh! All the living in the world stands in awe of you; for you spoke, and there it was. You commanded, and there it stood.

We praise you, Yahweh with those from the heavens!
We praise you with those in the heights!
We praise you with all your angels!
We praise you with all your armies!
We praise you with the sun and moon!
We praise you with all the shining stars!
We praise you with the highest heaven,
And waters above the heavens!

We praise your name, Yahweh; for you commanded, and they were created. You established them forever and ever. You have given a law to which we must conform.

We praise you, Yahweh, from the earth for the sea monsters and watery depths, the fire and hail, the snow and mist, the storm-winds that obey your word, the mountains and every hill, the fruit trees and all cedars, the wild animals and all livestock, the creeping reptiles, the flying birds, the kings of the earth and all peoples, the princes and all rulers on earth, the young men and women alike, the old men and the children.

We praise your name Yahweh, for your name alone is exalted; your glory is above both earth and heaven.


Scripture Reference

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