Cancer in Ovary – It Can’t Be My Diagnosis!

In 1995 when I went in for a routine check-up my doctor told me I had a tumor in my left ovary the size of an orange (after tests). I felt like I was listening in on someone else’s diagnosis, not mine. In a few days surgery was scheduled and the next day it was starting to hit me of the reality of this situation and what it could imply. I prayed. My Bible study group prayed for me, my husband, and my family all prayed.

Cancer in Ovary - It Can’t Be My Diagnosis! -

I had one Sunday to attend church before the operation and I HAD TO GO. Everything started going wrong. The gas tank on the van was leaking gasoline. . .need I go on? We got to church half-an-hour before the service ended.

My pastor starts to say at the end, “I’ve been sensing that the Lord wants to heal someone this day. Those with a need for a healing please come up for prayer.”

My friend who also needed prayer pulled me and we stood at the altar. Three pastors were praying for each person and when I was anointed with oil I felt something like lightning in the form of a “Z” go through me from my chest down through my abdomen and I fell to the floor shaking.

After a while I got up with help as I felt wobbly and my husband and I left to go to lunch. I started hearing a voice in my head say, “It was cancer, but I made it benign.”

I thought it was wishful thinking on my part, but when the same was repeated over and over I knew it was the Lord.

So I got the surgery and it was determined in pathology that it was benign. The doctor told me it was the color of greenish and yellow and it looked horrible, but (to his astonishment) was benign! I still had a hysterectomy, but no cancer by God’s determination and His healing touch.

Praise His Holy and Awesome name forever! He is Healer!

Anita A., TX

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