Healed of Kidney Failure – No Dialysis! – Testimony

A few years back I got very sick and the doctors were baffled. They couldn’t find out why I was so tired all the time and my back was hurting. I also lost a lot of weight. Finally, this doctor found out I had kidney failure and I was put in the hospital. Tests confirmed the diagnosis and they wanted to put me on dialysis, of which I was afraid. My mother had just passed away as well as my dad from complications of diabetes and being on dialysis.

{Healed of Kidney Failure – No Dialysis! – Testimony} - cswisdom.com

The day before this was to happen I had me a deep prayer session with the Lord in between nurse checkups. I repented of things and just ultimately told the Lord that His will be done, just to take fear away.

Up to this point my body was so toxified. No bowel movements either for two weeks, so I couldn’t eat anything. No output, no input. My breakfast came and I said what’s the point, but I was hungry. To my surprise I was able to eat and better yet, to swallow the food!!!

The doctor came to check my charts and was surprised that my potassium and creatinine levels had improved! So as she thought about it she decided NO DIALYSIS! I was out on a special diet and went home, but I was still feeling sick. As I was eating breakfast at home I was praying in my head when the Lord spoke to me, “This disease is not unto death.”

I immediately went to my Bible and found it in John. The Lord’s command had been sent forth. His touch had started to heal my kidneys. This process took a good year, but I am healed by His stripes! Glory to His name!

Times like these always merit a good deep talk with the Lord to self-examine so He can show us where we are really at. You would be surprised how many hidden sins we can have. I praise His name forever for His healing, loving touch!

Anita A., TX

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