Discerning the Voice of God with Priscilla Shirer

For the past several weeks we talked about hearing the different voices that cause us to have faith. One of those voices was God. So what did I come across a few days ago while surfing YouTube? A video by Priscilla Shirer being interviewed on the Trinity Broadcasting Network about her book, Discerning the Voice of God.

Discern the Voice of God with Priscilla Shirer - www.cswisdom.com

A lot of times people have trouble recognizing the voice of God from another voice. This video was encouraging and Priscilla, her husband and the hosts gave various examples of hearing from God. I hope this blesses you like it did me.

Please forgive all of the commercials. I tried to find another video without so many commercials, but I couldn’t. If you will just suffer through them, you will see that it was worth it. TBN is also selling her book, which I haven’t read so if you have read it or plan to read it, please let me know how it is.

Without further to do, here it is.

Discerning the Voice of God Video

Website: “Going Beyond Ministries.” Artist: Priscilla Shirer.

Until next time, peace be unto you,

Dawn Marie - Common Sense Wisdom - cswisdom.com

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