Favoritism Causes Division in Isaac’s and Rebekah’s Family

In today’s society I think most people come from dysfunctional homes. So, we should be able to relate to Esau and Jacob in one way or another. Isaac loved Esau because he was able to eat what Esau brought home. 

Esau was the oldest, even if it was by seconds. He was a hairy man and probably looked like a manly man. He was a skillful hunter, a man of the field. He knew how to catch and cook his animals. Isaac loved his food. 

Favoritism Causes Division in Isaac's and Rebekah's Family

You can compare this to a dad who has a son who loves football just like he does. When dad is watching his son run the ball down the field, he sees himself at that age. This son carries himself like his dad, likes a lot of the same things as his dad, and wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps one day. This dad is proud to call him son. He spends so much time with this son that others would think he loves this son more than the other son. 

Rebekah Loved Jacob

Now Rebekah loved Jacob. No reason is given, but as a mom I can see a few reasons why this may be. At the very top of the list is trying to balance out the lack of attention given by dad. Jacob may not have been the manliest man, running through the fields, and taking down his prey to feed his family. But he was still worth loving.

Jacob was a quiet man who dwelt in tents. He probably sat under his mother a lot growing up, learning how to cook more than just meat. In today’s society he may be called a momma’s boy. 

As a mother, Rebekah understood what God told her about her unborn sons. She knew it was her duty to protect the youngest child, to make sure he fulfilled his purpose. Even as an adult she was still protecting Jacob. 

A mother will do anything for the child she loves, including help him get into a better position in life. And that’s what Rebekah did. She made Jacob deceive his father so he could get the firstborn’s blessing. How else was he going to fulfill the prophecy God gave her before he was born? At least that’s probably what she thought.

Dysfunction Breeds Division

Unfortunately, you reap the results of your decisions. Since both parents played favorite from the beginning, a separation formed in the boys’ relationship. This separation grew into complete division, causing the sons to physically be apart from one another. 

When a parent chooses to love one child more than the other all kinds of emotional issues develop, such as anger, resentment, hostility, and jealousy to name a few. When these emotions are constantly increasing hatred develops, which can lead to murder. Just like the conclusion Esau came to. He planned to kill his brother after his father died. 

In an attempt to save Jacob’s life Rebekah had Isaac send him away to find a wife among her kinsfolks. She’d hoped one day Esau’s hatred would lesson and Jacob could come back home. Rebekah died never seeing that day. 

As a parent I know how hard it is to raise children. They don’t come with a manual. And most of us don’t want to be the kind of parent our parents were to us. So, we do the best we can and pray for mercy. 

Isaac and Rebekah were no different. They did the best they could. Now our job is to learn from their example and do things differently with our children. 

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