Hebraic Roots Network: HRN On-Demand

[Update: 12/18/17. The on-demand is no longer available to the extent that it used to be. Some videos are free, but you must now have a paid subscription to view most of them. Some people are no longer on there so I deleted them and I updated the links to the other people.]

Here is another fabulous resource for you. I am glad I found this network online. It is the on-demand portion of their network. It has some of the greatest teachers and teachings available to help us learn more about the scriptures and what they really mean. Some of my favorite teachers are Brad Scott, Rico Cortes, and Bill Cloud. I haven’t listened to some of the other teachers, (Daniel Botkin, Diana Dye, Eddie Chumney, Hollisa Alewine, Tony Robinson, and Valerie Moody) but I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say. Hopefully, they will be to my liking.

Hebrew Roots Network On-Demand

You do need to sign-up to listen to the teachings, if I remember correctly. Don’t worry though, it’s free to sign-up. If you want to support them financially, you can donate any amount to them.

Hebraic Roots Network

Hebraic Roots Network, founded in August 2011, is a consortium of like-minded ministries dedicated to bringing solid Biblical teaching to the world. We present the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective allowing the viewer to gain deeper understanding through applied context.

“The teachers on HRN are time tested, people of good character, who have given their lives to bring forth a clearer understanding of the Word to people across the globe.”

Hebrew Roots Network

Hebraic Roots Network does have a live stream broadcast that you can watch on your computer or mobile phone. If you like any of the teachers, you can buy their teachings here also. If you don’t already have a congregation you are affiliated with, there is a listing you can view by state to see if there is a congregation in your area.

Watch Hebraic Roots Network On-Demand now. Let me know who’s your favorite teacher, which episode you liked the best and why. I look forward to hearing from you.

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