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The end of the world is coming very, very soon and Jesus Christ will return on May 21, 2011. At least, that is what Harold Camping is saying. However, some Christian leaders don’t believe him. Who’s right? I guess we will find out soon. The other summary is asks the question, “Are you a fan of Jesus Christ or a follower of Jesus Christ?”

Christian Leaders Respond to Camping’s May 21 Rapture Prediction

By Lee Warren

Many people believe Harold Camping’s prediction. Some have even used up their life’s savings to spread the word of Jesus’ coming at the end of this May. One couple budgeted their savings to be depleted on May 21.

Dr. Albert Mohler recites previous date predictions concerning Jesus’ return, while pointing out that none of them have come true. He warns against this type of false teaching. He admonishes Christians “not to sit on rooftops like the Millerites waiting for Christ’s return. We are to be busy doing what Christ has commanded us to do.”

More leaders condemns Camping’s predictions as heresy and points out through scriptures why he is wrong. Apparently, Camping had made a prediction like this in 1994 with reservation however. He wrote a book that suggested 1994 might be it, but it could be 2011. Read more about what the Christian leaders had to say.

What do you think of Camping’s prediction? Will Jesus Christ return on May 21, 2011? What do you think will happen if his prediction is right? What do you think will happen if his prediction is wrong?

Are You a Fan or Follower of Jesus?

By Josephine Vivaldo

“Do you have a fish bumper sticker on the back of your car? A worship song set as your cell phone’s ringtone? Perhaps posters of Christian artists plastered on your room walls? Then maybe, just maybe you are a fan and not a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Kyle Idleman explains in his new book, “Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus,” the difference between being a fan of Jesus verses being a follower of Jesus. He’s not surprised when people walk away from the faith. He equates this with being a fan verses being a follower.

I believe one father’s respond to why his daughter walked away from the faith said it all. “We raised her in church but we didn’t raise her in Christ.”

Read more about what Idleman said concerning being a fan or a follower of Jesus. I believe he said a whole mouth full and if you like, you can order “Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus.”

Do you know the difference between being a fan of Jesus Christ or being a follower of his? Are you a fan or a follower?

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