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In today’s day and age, believing in the Bible is becoming very unpopular. If we say something is wrong, we are being confrontational and lack understanding. We are being intolerable. So John Piper wants to know how bold should a Christian be? Once boldness is in place, you can read 3 great reasons why you should evangelize and share the great news of Jesus Christ (Yeshua).

How Bold Should Christians Be?

By John Piper

This article is edited from an audio sermon. John Piper declares that if you are trying to avoid conflict then you lack boldness in your life. If this is happening then cowardice is winning over courage. If cowardice is winning, Piper comments, “Likewise a person should ask if, in their personal walk with God, they avoid the Scripture passages that call for radical boldness.”

In addressing the lack of leaders we have now, Piper points out that this has been a problem throughout church history, not just in our time. He even points out the lack of boldness in the Bible based on the few outstanding leaders that existed. He explains why this is and even throughout history.

Piper doesn’t feel bad theology is the problem. He says, “a clear, biblically true grasp of Christ is what will set a person’s heart on fire so that they cannot rest until they have done everything they can to advance his glory.”

Read more about Christians being bold.

How bold do you think a Christian should be? Are you bold? Are you willing to say what the Bible says, even if it’s unpopular? Or do you shy away from conflict?

Proselytize: 3 Reasons Why Christians Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Stop

By Greg Stier

“According to the dictionary the word proselytize means, ‘Convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.’ And this is exactly what Christians are called to do.”

Greg Stier gives 3 reasons why Christians should evangelize, sharing the good news of the gospel. The first is because Jesus said so. Followed by it being the good news and finally, because it saves people from hell.

Piper gives great analogies and support scriptures to make his case for the 3 reasons to proselytize. Take a little time and read it.

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