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In my quest to learn more about the Bible and its history I started a series on Ancient Near East Covenants with Rico Cortes. He brought in other teachers to teach on different aspects of covenants also. When I learned about ancient covenants I was amazed. It opened up my eyes to what being in a covenant with YHVH really means. It is definitely not about me doing my own thing whenever I feel like it. It also has made me more conscious of my wrong actions and how it will affect my relationship with YHVH. It was a real eye opener for me. I have learned a lot since I’ve started and encourage you to check it out.

Covenant of God

DISCLAIMER: I am not receiving anything by giving you this information. I only thought it might be helpful to those who like to study the scriptures. I do not agree 100% with everything being thought, but that does not mean it is wrong. Rico and the other teachers have been studying this a lot longer than I have and I am just not there yet. So please gleam what you can to help you learn more about YHVH and his ways.

The following is a summary of what you will learn by listening to these teachings. Please take some time and learn more about YHVH and his ways.

Also, Rico has given me the first session in one of his series for you to listen to. If you like it, then please go to his website, Wisdom in Torah and sign up.

Objectives for the Yeshiva Class, Ancient Covenants:

  1. Understand Biblical Language in its ancient context
  2. Gain a better understanding of our obligations as servants of the Great King of the Universe
  3. Learn how to truly live in unity according to the word of YHVH in its covenant context
  4. Learn to submit to our creator by understanding his authority
  5. Teach Hebrew Roots Communities to begin the process of living according to what covenant really means
  6. Develop men and woman in leadership about covenant life
  7. Equip our Brothers and Sisters to understand their roles in YHVH’s Kingdom
  8. Understand the language of Covenant used by Yeshua, the Apostles and Paul in his writings

Purpose of Yeshiva

The Purpose of the yeshiva is for us to start behaving like Covenant brothers and to know how it was understood in the primitive first century congregations. We will learn the principals of Ancient Biblical Covenants as we continue to learn about Torah and about Yeshua. It is important to know our place in the Father’s kingdom and submit like the servants the covenant requires. It is important that we take the time to research the ancient context of language and culture of the Israelite and the nations that surrounded them before and after Moses.

As a body we need to learn to focus on serving, praising, uplifting and exalting the name of YHVH, but not in word only but also by living and walking it out. The purity of the covenant can be revealed best by expressing it from the bottom of our hearts correctly.

The process starts by understanding the context of the Scriptures and then we will have more clarity of how to please and serve and love our King, our Father the way He deserves!

Subjects that we will cover in our Covenant Yeshiva:

  • Types of Covenants in the Ancient World
  • Biblical Language used by other Nations in the Ancient East
  • Exodus 20 in Context of Ancient Covenant Form
  • Genesis in light of the Ancient Covenant
  • Royal Grand Land Covenants and Abraham
  • The Book of Deuteronomy as a Suzerain Covenant
  • The Ancient Near Eastern perspective on Oath taking & Biblical connection
  • The Grant Covenant given to Noach, Abraham, Phinehas, and David
  • The Language of the Siddur in context of Covenants of the Near East.
  • Historical reasons why YHVH selected Israel (land of Canaan as the promise land)
  • Differences between Covenant and Commandments
  • Definitions of Words in light of Covenant Language of the Ancient East.
  • How tribute was paid in the Ancient world
  • Methods of Ratification of Ancient Covenant in parallel to the Scripture

Yahweh, Our Suzerain King

Listen to the first teaching of Yahweh, Our Suzerain King

If you like it, check out http://wisdomintorah.com/. It is a membership site, but it only costs $10 for the whole year! There are new teachings every week, plus you have access to all of the older teachings. He does mainly audio and video so for those of you who don’t like to read much, this will be great for you. Also, there are slides in pdf format for you to follow along on many teachings.

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