My Sacrifice of Praise to You, Yahweh

Normally, I use the scriptures to praise God on His Shabbats. Today, I want to deviate from that a little and praise Him from my own mouth. The scriptures tell us that He wants our praise. Not only that but He deserves our praise.

Through him, therefore, let us offer God a sacrifice of praise continually. For this is the natural product of lips that acknowledge his name. (Hebrews 13:15 CJB)

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A Sacrifice of Praise

Father God, Yahweh, I praise you on this Shabbat, your set-apart day. The one you gave us to rest on so we can renew our strength like an eagle. This is the day you gave us to renew our minds with the washing of your words.

You are great and there is no one like you. You are the creator of the heavens and the earth. You created the universe and everything in it — the stars, the moon, the sun, the planets, the galaxies, the solar systems and the dark matter that holds it all together. You did that. No one else did.

You decided to create me, little ole’ me, in the midst of all of your huge creations. Thank you for bringing me here to your earth, for allowing me to see the beauty you’ve created here on this world. I absolutely love your trees, the forests you’ve planted here, rivers that run through them with the backdrop of the mountains framing the whole scene. Who else could have done such a thing?! NO ONE!

My Sacrifice of Praise to Yahweh -

You are Yahweh, the Lord of Hosts and you are the one I love and adore. You are the very reason I draw breath. Without you I would surely die. You are the reason I can see and hear the beauty of your creation. Oh, how I love to hear your birds. They are a comfort to me. They make me feel like all is right in my world.

You are faithful and true. Whenever I’ve needed something or even just wanted something, you have provided for me. You have done for me when others wouldn’t or couldn’t. You have kept me fed, clothed and sheltered. Even when I wasn’t faithful to you, you still kept me safe. You still warned me of permanent danger. You still shielded me from the most dangerous parts. Even in my disobedience you were patient with me. Who else can I praise for that? NO ONE!

I bless ADONAI, my counselor; at night my inmost being instructs me. (Psalm 16:7)

You are kind and compassionate to me. When I’m frantic and don’t know which way to turn you gently nudge me in the right direction. Remember the time I wanted snow for my birthday and the weatherman said it wasn’t to be. Yet, you gave it to me anyway and the snow melted the day after my birthday. Who else could have done such a thing but you? NO ONE!

For I will proclaim the name of YHWH. Come, declare the greatness of our God! (Deuteronomy 32:3 CJB)

You are my Elohim, strong and mighty. There is no one like you in all the universe. You are AWESOME! You are kind, compassionate, loving, strong, powerful, merciful and righteous. I could go on for decades about the goodness you have shown me and it would still not be enough.

ADONAI is alive! Blessed is my Rock! Exalted be the God of my salvation. (Psalm 18:46)

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