I Trust, Commit and Rest in You Yahweh

God tells us to meditate on his scriptures day and night. This section of scripture is good to say on a daily basis. It will renew your mind. So speak out loud for your ears to hear and feel it in your heart.

I Trust, Commit and Rest in You Yahweh

My Heavenly Father, holy is your name. I give you glory, honor, and praise.

I am not upset by evildoers or envious of those who do wrong, for soon they will wither like grass and fade like the green in the fields.

I trust in you Yahweh, and I do good.

I settle in the land, and feed on your faithfulness.

I delight myself in you Yahweh, and you give me my heart’s desire.

I commit my way to you Yahweh.

I trust in you and you act.

You make my vindication shine forth like light, the justice of my cause like the noonday sun.

I am still before you Yahweh; I wait patiently for you to come.

I am not upset by those whose ways succeed because of their wicked plans.

Therefore, I stop being angry. I put aside rage and I am not upset because it leads to evil.


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