Seismic Alert (Shakeout Drill)

Being prepared for disasters is just plain, good old, fashion common sense. Today’s post comes from “Common Sense Preparedness” website, in which you can read the full article there.


FEMA is conducting a Great Shakeout drill for the US Southeast on October 18th at 10:18 am. This is an earthquake drill for everyone to take a moment and refresh themselves on what to do during an earthquake.

The US Southeast will not be the only ones participating in this drill, it will be conducted across the US, Arizona, California, Washington, Guam and Hawaii.

The private citizen can also participate by conducting their own family drill. It would be a great time to put your family emergency plans to the test.

Remember during an earthquake what we all must do is

  • Stop – Stop what you are doing.
  • Drop – Drop to the ground
  • Cover – take cover under something sturdy (Table, desk, etc)
  • Hold On – Hold on until the shaking stops.

Also it would be a great time to get your children or their schools to participate. Our children need to know what to do during a disaster. Their knowledge of preparedness will greatly reduce their panic during a real emergency.

Also remember that Disaster Preparedness is as simple as A-B-C

  • Always be informed
  • Build a Kit
  • Create a Plan

A wise man prepares for the darkness, while a fool plays. Don’t get caught playing.

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