Exploring the Hebrew Alphabet

learn HebrewI found this website for learning the Hebrew language. It is designed for children, but if you’ve ever thought learning Hebrew was hard then maybe you can use the program for yourself. It is a free course called “Exploring the Alephbeyt: Learn to Identify & Write the letters of Biblical Hebrew.” It has accompanied videos to walk you through the workbook, which you can download. It also teaches you how to write the Hebrew alphabet in block style. There are review questions for you and even a certificate you can download to give to your children or to reward yourself.

This program was created by the Broussard parents, who are teaching their children the Hebrew language, to help you learn as well. Their website, Exploring Hebrew, features other free resources as well as the ability to purchase some items in bulk.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the Hebrew language, but were intimated, don’t be any longer. Try this free course out and see if you won’t come away with the basics and enough confidence to continue learning more about the Hebrew language. Check out my other resources for learning Hebrew and why I am learning it.

Why We Learn Biblical Hebrew

Here is a video of why the Broussard family is learning Hebrew and why you should too.

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