Surviving A Disaster — Using Core Skills — Prepper Survival

With nature being so destructive now it is imperative to learn how to survive in the aftermath of these disasters. Yet, sometimes it seems overwhelming with so much information out there about prepping or being prepared – even our own government tells us to prepare. They know they can’t help everyone after a disaster so they put out commercials, post things on their websites, and send out mailings to let people know.

Full Spectrum Survival

Most people think they need to buy a bunch of stuff. What happens if you did that and your house was hit by a flood or tornado? What would you do then? Could you survive? Could you take care of your family? It isn’t about accumulating the latest products. It’s about having knowledge, understanding, and how to put what you know to use. It’s about surviving with little or nothing. You don’t have to be rich to prepare. You just have to be determined to learn.

Here is a video to show you the basic skills you need to know to get started in preparing for your survival. There are 6 core skills you need – (1) security, (2) fire building and sustainment, (3) water collection and purification, (5) shelter construction, and (6) first aid.

Surviving A Disaster – Using Core Skills – Prepper Survival Video

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