Thank God for His Glorious Name – 1 Chronicles 29:13

“And now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.” – 1 Chronicles 29:13

In everything we do, receive, or give we need to thank God. Today Father, we thank You for being able to move our limbs, speak, hear, see, touch, or taste. We thank You for Your Holy Spirit guiding us throughout our day and interceding for us daily. We thank You for allowing us to participate in at least one of our five senses. We thank You for the insight You’ve given us into Your holy words. 

Thank God for His Glorious Name - 1 Chronicles 19:13

We praise You for allowing us another chance to turn back to You with all of our hearts. We praise You for letting the earth to stand another day. We praise You for Your son Yeshua the Messiah, who bridges the gap for us and prays for us daily. We praise You for creating all the beauty in this world and in the universe. 

You are an amazing God, who deserves the praises of every living soul. Thank You for Your mercy and kindness on this day.

Love Dawn

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