The Children of Israel Left Egypt in Military Style

Whenever you hear the story of the Exodus or see a movie about it, the children of Israel are leaving Egypt in a chaotic way. There are masses of people trying to hurry out of Egypt before Pharoah changes his mind again. 

They left Egypt in style.

This is not what the scriptures tell us. It says they left Egypt equipped for war. The Hebrew word is “chamush.” It means, “in battle array, arrayed for battle by fives, armed.” They left in military style, marching in rows of fives, clothed in army garments. 

The way I see it is the men flanked the sides, keeping the women and children in the middle. God covered the front and back, which also covered the men on the sides. 

They didn’t leave like helpless little lambs, scared and running for their lives. They left in a powerful way with a full armory, gold, silver, and other precious metals and jewels. They plundered the Egyptians without laying a hand on them. 

Now that’s God’s doing! HalleluYah!!

Did you know they left like this? How did you think Israel left Egypt? Tell us in the comments.

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