The Final Restoration Conference Delivered Truth

This weekend I watched “The Final Restoration Conference” online through Passion for Truth’s (PFT) website. PFT is a ministry I started watching a little bit ago. I found the pastor to be a sincere man who wants to teach the truth as he knows it. I believe I found his podcast while searching for Hebraic teachers.

I had been asking Elohim to give me a teacher I could follow online since I was unable to physically be in a fellowship. I was already listening to a few other teachers, but I didn’t feel a connection with them. I was learning a lot, but something was missing. Then God led me to Jim Staley’s podcast. This led me to his website, which led me to his weekly Shabbat services that he airs online.

Jim is pastor of PFT. (Everyone calls him Jim.) The website has a chat room, which allows me to interact with other people of like mind. Of course, now I am extremely happy because it can get lonely sometimes when you are alone a lot like I am. You can read more about Jim Staley and Passion for Truth if you like.

The Restoration Conference

To begin with I didn’t know The Final Restoration Conference was going to be online. I knew people were coming from all over to be there and had paid for the conference. They had breakout sessions that weren’t broadcasted, but the main sessions were broadcasted. I got an email from him on Thursday telling us it was going to be live. I was so excited. I really couldn’t believe how excited I was. I had plans for the weekend and I canceled them.

Jim Staley spoke as well as Brad Scott and Rico Cortes. These two men are actually people I found out about before I knew about Jim. They are excellent teachers, but they are not pastors and I believe that is what I was looking for. So I was very please to get a chance to hear them live.

Oh my goodness. I must say I was not disappointed. Praise and worship always last a long time, which I like a lot. All three speakers ministered differently with each bringing a different perspective of the Torah to life. Then on top of all of that I met wonderful people in the chat room who became friends with me on Facebook. We were able to chat way before service started. It was like being at a fine restaurant that served a full course meal with the finest wine.

Brad Scott

Friday night Brad Scott of WildBranch Ministry started us off. He talked about the vibration of sound bringing the world into existence from a scientific viewpoint. He showed us how we (human beings) are responsible for what happens in the world. What we say and do either destroys or restores everything around us and affects the world earth.

He told us the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary defined “truth” as “which was, is, and shall be.” Of course that is not how it is defined now. But back then people equated truth with the living Elohim. Wow! He explained other things concerning the Bible and how physics played a part in it. He was great. He speed talked so my notes are sketchy at best.

Brad spoke again Saturday morning. He continued to teach how our words and what we do affects one another. He used Biblical examples to prove his point. Of course he said things I didn’t understand, but it did give me something to think about and research for myself.

Jim Staley

Jim Staley closed Friday night with his message, “Resurrecting the Temple of the Holy Spirit.” It involved the tabernacle and the articles used in it. He pointed out how the term “side” was employed a lot, but each used a different Hebrew word, which represented a different body part of mankind. He explained how the articles in the tabernacle lined up with the spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. He illustrated how the Ark of the Covenant lined up with the offices and which gift went with it.

The teaching on the Ark of the Covenant took the cake. He also gave a synopsis on the relevance of the number nine and what it meant throughout various cultures. Can you say, “Brain overload.” It was great! I love the way he teaches.

Saturday evening he spoke on “Spiritual Authority.” Now I have heard plenty of messages on this topic and was curious to see where he was going with it. I got to say when he finished I was truly convicted on so many levels. Good grief. I wasn’t expecting that to happen. J Well, all I can do is get right.

Rico Cortes

Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah spoke first Saturday morning on the “Threshold Covenant: The Covenant of the Door.” He’s another fast talker, but not as fast as Brad. I was actually able to take plenty of notes. He explained how the Passover meal is actually a covenant and should only be eaten with people who are in covenant with the Messiah. This is why many are sick because they do not realize they are entering into a marriage with Yahweh.

He explained why the Mount of Olives and East Jerusalem are important. East Jerusalem is Yahweh’s threshold and when the bride is carried over the threshold, she is protected and cared for by the bridegroom. I wish I could fully explain what I’ve learned from him. All I can say is it all revolved around being the bride of the Messiah and understanding the true meaning of crossing the threshold of the doorway. He ended it with Revelations 3:19-20, which comes back to eating and supping with the Father and his son.

Sunday morning (today) he spoke again. However, Brad was actually scheduled to speak. Now what I am about to say is probably crazy to you. When I realized Rico was not going to speak again I was disappointed. Please don’t get me wrong. I truly enjoyed Brad so much I went searching for more messages taught by him. However, I needed to hear something and I believed Rico had the answer. I made a comment to the Father how I wish Rico would speak again.

Now did Yahweh do this for me? I believe he did because all good things come from him. Was it just for me? No way! What did Rico teach? “Preparing Ourselves to Welcome the King.” I had been asking Yahweh to teach me how to worship him properly. This message did that. Rico also confirmed some things I had been doing and wasn’t really sure about. Yet, the Father let me know he had been teaching me already. I just didn’t know it.

Rico passionately taught. Then all of a sudden he says, “I think you get it. Now let’s do it.” Then he showed us how the priest did it while in the temple. It was amazing.

I know a lot of my Christian readers may feel like all of this isn’t necessary. However, I ask you, “What earthly high official can you come before doing whatever you want to do?” Surely, you do not think you can approach any king or queen of a country in any kind of way and think you will receive an audience with him/her. You can’t even do that to your pastor. Truly our Lord and Savior is greater than him!

Every country has its own procedures for gaining an audience with their leadership. Why wouldn’t the God of all gods have some? He is not our home boy whom we can talk to any kind of way. He is King of every king and deserves our respect. While he may be your friend, it doesn’t mean you are his friend. Friends know how to respect one another.

What I Learned

This conference was truly an answer to my prayers. I study many things trying to get to know my Elohim. One day I told him, “I do not want to go from one set of rules to another set of rules only to find out I am no closer to you than before.” I wanted true freedom. He began to teach me how to have it.

Each speaker confirmed what was in my heart. I believe Rico said it best. What does it matter if we learn all of this stuff when at the end of the day we still don’t know how to approach him and love him? (paraphrase) My heart’s desire is to become his friend while he becomes the lover of my soul.

If you attended the conference I would love to hear what you learned.

Prayer Time

Our Heavenly Father, who is in heaven,
         I want to thank you for hearing my prayers and sending me teachers I can learn from while I am at home. I love you and am grateful for your consideration of me. Thank you.
In Yeshua the Messiah’s name, Amen.

9 thoughts on “The Final Restoration Conference Delivered Truth”

  1. Posted 11/21/2016

    I am looking for the New Passion For Truth site. I would appreciate it if someone would post the current site name.

    Thank You,
    Minister King

    1. I tried looking for it but it seems like it was taken down. Unfortunately, pastor Jim got into some legal problems and it seems to have affected his ministry.

      However, there are some other great teacers out you can learn from such as Rico Cortes, Brad Scott, Ryan White and Bill Cloud. But please keep searching as there are many more.

  2. Hello. I need to order the DVD series: The Final Restoration. Especially the DVD: Resurrecting the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
    I would like to do a teaching on this subject. Will you please allow me to use this specific subject to be discussed in a seminar? I could never explain all these amazing facts as well as Jim Staley. It is so captivating and well said. I humbly ask permission to view in a classroom situation. I need to order this DVD series.
    Thank you and Regards,

  3. My hubby and I began fellowshipping at PFT this spring and we’ve been so blessed to be part of it! Having a ministry that has an online presence, I’m often mindful of those who fellowship with us via the web so it’s beautiful to get to hear your thoughts on the conference. Lots of work (and prayer) went into making it happen, it’s wonderful to hear how it blessed others!

    I’ve posted some pics from Day 1, more to follow after I get to go through them 🙂


    1. I am grateful for everyone putting this conference together. It truly blessed me. I’m glad to hear from someone who actually attends there and like being there. It helps me feel like I made the right decision in following PFT online. Thank you for the pictures. I love them, especially the behind the scene ones.

  4. Just to let you know…..the weekend was a LIFE CHANGER for all of us – the worship on Saturday night … was a coming before the Father for ME … then … when Rico spoke the next morning…and went thru the AMIDAH… oh my goodness…. I was on my knees in the aisle weeping before the KING OF KINGS!!!! It WAS TRULY a chance for me to come before the King … it was AWESOME!

    1. I know. I loved it when Rico spoke that morning. He really taught me something. Actually, they all taught me something. I really enjoyed this conference – enough to write about it, which is something I’ve never done before. I have enjoyed a lot of conferences in my past, but nothing like this. May Yahweh bless everyone who attends PFT, rather in person or online, with his wisdom and understanding and with the ability to teach others.

  5. Dawn,

    I watched the conference this weekend as well and it was absolutely fabulous. I am so happy that you told me about Jim Staley. The teachings that I have received have been life changing. I love his demeanor and he’s not all stuffy. I have reached out to PFT for a copy of any of the materials that they passed out. My library is ever growing. TTYL

    1. Stacey, I am so glad you watched it. I was hoping you would. I loved it so much I kept sharing with Facebook. That’s something I don’t normally do, but I was so excited. I am extremely happy you are getting something out of his teachings. Let me know what PFT says about the materials. He’s very relatable. What kinds of things do you have in your library? Let me know and I can post them to the website for others.

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