The Human Being Became Man and Woman – B’reisheet (Genesis – In the Beginning)

The Feast Days of YHWH have ended along with the reading of the last chapter of the Torah. A new cycle has begun and it begins with Genesis 1:1-6:8. It continues with the Haftarah of Isaiah 42:5-43:10 and ends with the Gospel of John 1:1-18.

This first Torah portion (Genesis 1:1-6:8) is aptly described as B’reisheet because it contains the beginning of quite a few things. It lists the first of its kind – heavens, earth, plants, trees, animals, birds, mammals, human beings, family, children, sin, deception, rebellion, murder, lying, jealousy, disobedience, paradise, nations, genealogy, Nephilim, and God’s regret in making mankind.

The Human Being Became Man and Woman – B’reisheet (Genesis -In the Beginning) - - Genesis 1-2

In this article we’re only going to deal with the first two chapters of Genesis, the five things God created, some interesting points in these chapters and what man and woman represent.

The Five Things God Created

The first two chapters deal with the creation of the entire universe and everything in it. When Elohim (God) created the heavens and the earth He created the seeds of all living substance.

When you read the first chapter of Genesis carefully you’ll notice God created five things. Everything else He called forth, which He could do because the seed for that thing was already available.

He created (1) the heavens – more than one, (2) the earth, (3) the great sea creatures and other living beings in the waters, (4) every winged fowl and (5) human beings. Everything else was called forth out of what was created.

Some Interesting Points Genesis 1 & 2 Makes

Some other interesting things to point out is that

(1) we were the last things He created;

(2) the human race and the animal race started out as vegans;

(3) God created male and female, not just male;

(4) the seventh day didn’t end like the other days – “and it was evening and morning, the seventh day”;

(5) God didn’t work on the seventh day – He rested;

(6) Chapter Two uses God’s name – YHWH/YHVH (ancient/modern);

(7) When God called forth trees and herbs they didn’t come into maturity right away;

(8) God planted a garden for the human being and placed the human being in it;

(9) Then God caused the trees to grow up so the human being can have food to eat;

(10) A river came into the garden so everything and everyone can have water to drink;

(11) God gave the human being a job and a commandment to follow with consequences for disobedience;

(12) the human being named every beast of the field and bird of the sky (it doesn’t say he named everything in the world);

(13) God took part of the human being and fashioned a woman for the human being;

(14) the human being finally became man and woman;

(15) the human being didn’t call her Eve, but instead called her woman; and

(16) they were naked and weren’t ashamed.

What’s the Difference Between Human Being, Man and Woman?

Some of us have grew up with the story of Adam and Eve living in the garden. So we call her Eve as if her name was always that and it wasn’t. What difference does it make? A lot.

Let’s start with Adam. I used the term “human being” instead of man or Adam because in this human being resided both male and female. The Hebrew word used is “hey aleph dalet and mem.” The “hey” actually means “the.” So you wouldn’t say, “the Adam” no more than you would say, “the Dawn” when speaking to or about someone. Some versions leave off “the” and just say Adam and the first thing you think of is a man named Adam. When you do that you miss one of the lessons being taught here.

The human being was one complete person. When God decided to give the human being a companion He didn’t do like He did the other animals created from the ground. He didn’t create male animals and female animals as one. He created each and every one of them separately.

However, with the human being He went back and pulled the female part of the human being out. This is when they became two individuals – man and woman. The Hebrew term for man isn’t used until this happens – when the human being (ha-adam) says the woman was taken out of man (eesh). They had their own identities physically, but yet they were still one. After all, they were literally a part of each other. They belonged together. That’s why husband and wife complete each other and become one flesh again. They become what they were originally created to be – one complete person.

This is why the enemy has done his best to destroy the family unit, to destroy the concept of husband and wife. Husband (male) and wife (female) brings us back to God’s original purpose – to show the concept of oneness with each other and ultimately with God and His Messiah.

You Can Have the Victory in Your Marriage

If you are married and going through something with your spouse and you both believe in God, recognize the enemy for who he is because the spouse that married you did so because you two loved each other. You two thought you would grow old together. This in and of itself is a testimony to God’s commands, love, mercy, grace, righteousness and purpose. Now the enemy wants to break up what God has put together. I urge you both to seek God and His righteousness and Kingdom before making any bad decisions like divorce.

God says He hears the cries of His people so I urge you to cry out for His wisdom and mercy on your marriage.

If you are happily married in God or a single believer, then I ask you to intercede for your brothers and sisters who are struggling in their marriages. I ask you to stand in the gap because you are your brother’s keeper.

Let’s be united in saving these marriages through prayer and fasting if need be. Whatever God lays on your heart, don’t hesitate. Do it immediately because our generations need help.

Prayer for Marriages

Father God, we come before you in the mighty name of Yeshua (Jesus) asking that you open the eyes of your people to see the enemy at work in their marriage. Let them recognize what he is trying to do to destroy their family. Let them come together and seek Your face on what to do to destroy the enemy in their marriage. Let them forgive one another. Show them how to safeguard their marriage, their children and their home. Have mercy on them and show them Your kindness. Mend their marriage. Heal it to the point they forget the pain. Help them to show their children what true oneness looks like. And let their marriage be a testimony to the next couple they come in contact with. Amen.

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