Total Deliverance Is Yours If…

A quick search on Google for spiritual deliverance will yield millions of hits. It seems everyone has a proven method of getting delivered from demons. There’s a lot of ways to get deliverance, including the five step method, the self-deliverance method, and my favorite – the laying on of hands method.

Let me start by saying Jesus never laid hands on anyone to get delivered from evil spirits. He always spoke to them. He laid hands on those who were sick or diseased. He laid hands to heal. He spoke with authority to cast out demons.

If you don’t have anyone around you who can speak with the authority from heaven, then the next best thing you can do is turn away from your sins and turn toward God Almighty with all of your heart, mind, body and soul. Cry out to Him (pray and fast) and He will deliver you right where you are.

Even if you do have someone who can speak into your life, you still need to turn away from your sins and turn toward God and follow after Him. Jesus told the people after he healed them or delivered them to go and sin no more. And that’s what we have to do to the best of our ability.

YHWH can deliver you physically and spiritually.

Total Deliverance is Yours, If...

Physical Deliverance from Spiritual Change

In 1 Samuel 7 the people of Israel yearned to be with their God, YHWH. Samuel, the prophet and judge, gave them the best advice ever. He said, “If you are returning to Adonai with all your heart, then be done with the foreign gods and ‘ashtarot that you have with you, and direct your hearts to Adonai. If you will serve only him, he will rescue you from the power of the P’lishtim.” (verse 3)

The people did so and gathered together to fast and acknowledge that they have sinned against the Great I AM. Just like David said in Psalm 51:4, “Against you and only you have I sinned against and done this evil before your eyes.” This is how we need to be if we want to receive true deliverance.

The result – God heard them and delivered them.

Who Do You Really Serve?

Israel served other gods and got themselves into a bad predicament because of it. You might be saying, “But I don’t serve another god!” You might believe that in your heart also. But the truth is that our actions tell the true story.

How many times have you not forgiven someone else because they have wronged you? How many times have you tried to get even with them? Or treated other people with suspicion because of what someone in the past had done to you? Or put your job or business before anything else? How many times have you judged someone else for their sin, while acting like because you don’t do that particular sin you are good with God?

No you may not serve Allah, or Buddha or Vishnu or a goddess. Or maybe you do. Maybe you’re like so many other Christians who think there is nothing wrong with serving God and a goddess. Maybe you believe God can be called by all of those names. I guarantee you if you believe any of this and call yourself following the God of the Bible, then you will have a rude awakening one day because the God of the Bible is a jealous God and He will share His glory with no one. If this is not you, then thank God and keep reading.

A Hidden God

Maybe you don’t serve another god like above. However, one of the most dangerous deceptions is not recognizing when you’ve turned yourself into a god. You have your own way of doing things. You rely on yourself for everything. Everything you do is for you, about you, and to serve you.

You may get to God when you have time, if you have time. You may remember Him when your bills come due and your income is short. You may talk to Him when your loved one is sick.

When do you spend time with Him, just trying to get to know Him, to understand Him and the reason why He does some of things He does? When do you just sit with Him and say, “Thank you for allowing me to exist and be able to come into Your Presence”? When do your “down time” revolve more around Him than it does around TV or music or hanging out with your friends?

You might have people fooled into thinking you are being attacked by demons because you’re so holy, but God sees the truth. He sees your obedience or lack thereof. He knows where your heart is and whether it belongs to Him or not.

This is why so many people have hands laid on them and still aren’t delivered.

Get Set Free

So, how do you get set free?

You turn away from your sins and compromises. You turn toward God and start seeking His will, His way, and His heart. You follow His commands and you begin to make Him the most important person in your life, not your spouse, not your children, not your job, not your friends, not your food, not your money, or anything thing else.

You fast and pray. You ask Him to forgive you and make you more like His Son, whom He gave us as an example to follow. His dear Son, who did his job by reconciling us back to Him and who makes intercession for us daily. Let his death not be in vain.

If you have decided to renew your relationship with God and His Son, I would love to hear about it below in the comments.

May God bless you with a deeper relationship with Him.

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