Shout to Yahweh – Psalm 47

Psalm 47 is a psalm of the descendants of Korah and for the leader. Korah disobeyed Elohim and paid the price for it with his life. His descendants must have gotten the picture and decided obeying Elohim was a much better choice because there are several psalms that can be attributed to them. Korah seemed to have a natural knack for stirring up the community. It seems like this trait was passed down to his descendents because they start out stirring the people up to praise Elohim.

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Psalm 47: Shout to the LORD

We Shout to You, Yahweh

Clap your hands, all you peoples!

We shout to you, Elohim with cries of joy!

For Yahweh ‘Elyon you are awesome, a great king over all the earth.

You make peoples subject to us, puts nations under our feet. You choose our heritage for us, the pride of Ya’akov, whom you loves. (Selah)

Elohim, you go up to shouts of acclaim, Yahweh to a blast on the shofar.

We sing praises to you, Elohim. We sing praises! We sing praises to our king; we sing praises!

For Elohim you are king of all the earth; sing praises in a maskil.

Elohim, you rule the nations. Elohim, you sit on your holy throne.

The leaders of the people gather together, the people of the Elohim of Abraham; for the rulers of the earth belong to you, Elohim, who is exalted on high.


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Psalm 47

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