Yahweh, You are Our Deliverer – Exodus 15

The scriptures tell us to praise Yahweh, our Creator. One of the books we normally look to for this is Psalms. However, praise and worship can be seen throughout scripture such as in Exodus 15. Everywhere you look you can find someone praising our Great Elohim. So join me in praising Yahweh today as we celebrate His goodness during this Passover. Let us remember what He did for our forefathers as He brought them out of Egypt with a mighty strong arm.

Exodus15:2 Yahweh, You are our Deliverer

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Yahweh You are Our Deliverer

Then Moshe and the people of Israel sang this song to Yahweh:

“I will sing to Yahweh, for he is highly exalted: the horse and its rider he threw in the sea. Yah is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation. This is my God: I will glorify him; my father’s God: I will exalt him.

Yahweh is a warrior; Yahweh is his name.

Pharaoh’s chariots and his army he hurled into the sea. His elite commanders were drowned in the Sea of Suf. The deep waters covered them; they sank to the depths like a stone.

Your right hand, Yahweh, is sublimely powerful; your right hand, Yahweh, shatters the foe. By your great majesty you bring down your enemies; you send out your wrath to consume them like stubble. With a blast from your nostrils the waters piled up – the waters stood up like a wall, the depths of the sea became firm ground.

The enemy said, ‘I will pursue and overtake, divide the spoil and gorge myself on them. I will draw my sword; my hand will destroy them.’

You blew with your wind, the sea covered them; they sank like lead in the mighty waters. Who is like you, Yahweh, among the mighty? Who is like you, sublime in holiness, awesome in praises, working wonders?

You reached out with your right hand: the earth swallowed them. In your love, you led the people you redeemed; in your strength, you guided them to your holy abode. The peoples have heard, and they tremble; anguish takes hold of those living in P’leshet; then the chiefs of Edom are dismayed; trepidation seizes the heads of Mo’av; all those living in Kena’an are melted away.

Terror and dread fall on them; by the might of your arm they are still as stone until your people pass over, Yahweh, till the people you purchased pass over. You will bring them in and plant them on the mountain which is your heritage, the place, Yahweh, that you made your abode, the sanctuary, Yahweh, which your hands established.

Yahweh will reign forever and ever.

For the horses of Pharaoh went with his chariots and with his cavalry into the sea, but Yahweh brought the sea waters back upon them, while the people of Israel walked on dry land in the midst of the sea!”

Scripture Reference

Exodus 15

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