Frustration Turned Around

I had been frustrated and stressed out for awhile. I literally couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t focus. It was getting to the point where I just wanted to stay in bed, even though I couldn’t.

I kept complaining about how I felt. I told God I just needed a break so I kept trying to figure out how to accomplish this. I couldn’t come up with a solid solution.

On my birthday (which was recently) my oldest daughter left the house early to take care of some business. She later came back with my youngest daughter and a strawberry ice cream cake. I was definitely surprised.

Then they gave me a gift. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at so I got off the phone. They saw that I was confused so they said, “It’s a night at MGM hotel. You can get a massage and eat some food and relax.” I couldn’t believe it. It must have shone on my face because my oldest daughter says, “What? You don’t like it? Did you expect something else?”

My youngest daughter elbowed her sister and said, “Watch this.”

“I thought you would get me something. I just thought it would be a gift card at Amazon.”

“I told you. She always wants a gift card for books,” my youngest said.

“Trust me. I want this more. Oh my goodness. I can’t wait.” They are so precious to me. They wanted to get me a week there, but that was more than they had. It finally got down to one day, which I was extremely happy for.

My Night Out

To begin with my children got me extended check-in and check-out times. This was great. So I checked in and went to my room. After kissing my grandbaby a lot, I told them it was time for them to go. My grandson didn’t want to leave me. He said he was staying with me. He’s too funny. I told him I’ll see him tomorrow and ushered them out.

Then I turned on the TV and watched a funny movie while I ate. I picked up a salmon sandwich with vegetables on my way to the hotel. Then I spent some time reading while I waited for my spa appointment. After I got there I changed into a robe and sat here the swimming pool until it was time for my massage.

I received a body scrub. Then I took a shower. Finally, I received a full body massage with a little stretching and a hot mud pack on my back. Afterwards, I sat near the pool and ate my dinner. It was extremely peaceful. I finally had to get up because I didn’t want to fall asleep in there by myself. (Chalk that up to way too many bad movies. Lol)

When I got to my room I was shocked. At first I thought I entered the wrong room until I saw my bag. The spa people had come into my room, turned down my bed sheets, left a tray with water and candy on it, turned down the lights, and had the TV playing relaxing music with a fireplace showing.

I told myself I was going to lie down on the bed for a few minutes then I was going to get up and read some more. After about 15 minutes and almost falling asleep, I got up and turned the TV on in the bathroom to the same channel, turned off the bedroom TV and all the lights and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up because I kept hearing people walking outside my door. I wondered why there was so much moving. I looked at my phone and it read 10:15am. I thought that was impossible. It was still dark outside. I got up to check the window and realized that the curtains were room darkening curtains. It was dark inside my room and bright outside.

I stayed up because I had breakfast coming at 10:45am. They were prompt. Wow! Afterwards I read some more, took a shower and waited for my daughter to come get me. What a wonderful time I had.

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful – from check-in to check-out. I felt energized and relaxed all at the same time. I definitely got to do that again. All praises go to the Father, who is in heaven. Glory to your name, Yahweh Elohim.

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