September 23 and Its Mysteries

I thought this was an interesting video. No real answers but something to think about. What will happen this September I don’t know? Will anything happen at all? I don’t know. Should we be afraid? Not if we hope in our Elohim. Is it human to be afraid? Probably so, but don’t let it paralyzed you.

A lot is going on in the news, concerning historical events and Biblical references. We are in the Shemitah right now. What is the Shemitah? It’s the Sabbath year observed in ancient Israel, when all working of the land ceased, the land rested. When Israel refused to let the land rest God allowed them to be taken into captivity so His land could rest. So this may be a September to remember.

{September 23 and Its Mysteries}

While I may not know much about what is actually going to happen I do know one thing for sure. It is that Yahweh is still the Great I AM and He deserves to be praised, adored and followed with our whole being.

No matter what happens in September and beyond Yahweh is still on the throne. He requires us to obey Him and follow His ways, to do things the way He says it, not the way our forefathers said to do things. Search the scriptures for yourself and find out what He wants from you and then do that. It doesn’t matter what others say. It’s about you and Him. Don’t let what Yeshua did for you, which was to bring you back to the Father, to be in vain.

Now watch the video and let me know what you think about it.

September 23 “The Convergence” – Passion for Truth Ministries

The Shemitah ends and September 23rd is the Convergence. Have you heard about the several global catastrophes that are supposedly going to happen this fall? Have you heard about Jade Helm? Or C.E.R.N? Why is the Pope making a historic appearance to the U.S. Capitol to address Congress in September? Do you think it’s strange that all of these events happen to “converge” right at the end of the Shemitah cycle—right when some prophecy teachers are predicting a financial collapse? In this teaching, Pastor Jim gives an overview of all these events and theories in light of Biblical prophecy. Is there any validity to these conspiracy theories? How should Bible Believers prepare for the end times? We hope you are blessed by this teaching.

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