War on the Way to the Promise Land

Now we see why God had the children of Israel take weapons with them when they left Egypt.  On their journey to the land flowing with milk and honey, they encounter their first battle. Amalek attacks Israel. The reason isn’t given. 

War on the way to the promise land

They meet up at Rephidim, which means, “resting places.” The Amalek attacked Israel while they were resting. This is also the place where Israel grumbled about lack of water against Moses, who assured them they were testing God, not him.

God has promised something to you, but you may have to fight to get it. You can’t give up. If you’re weakening, then find two people to hold you up, to support you in your journey. 

Hard times and roadblocks don’t mean it wasn’t God’s will. It means you have to fight for what is already yours. God will help you win the battle. Don’t lose hope. 

Are you fighting for something God promised you? If so, leave a comment and we will pray with you for your victory!

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