Yahweh, You Do Good – Psalm 125

I am thankful for Psalm 125 because it reminds me of how faithful Yah is to His people. He is around His people forever and that I can attest to. Every time I get down because I see wicked people prosper while I’m doing all I can and still come up short, I think about doing wrong. But then God delivers me out of the situation or sends someone my way to encourage me. Of course, I feel bad for thinking that to do wrong is the right thing to do. It never is and Yah makes sure I never do it. HalleluYah! This is a song of ascents. Let’s praise Yah with the writer and with each other.

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Yahweh, You Do Good

Those who trust in you, YHWH are like Mount Tziyon, which cannot be moved but remains forever.

Yerushalayim! Mountains all around it! Thus you, YHWH are around your people henceforth and forever.

For the scepter of wickedness will not rule the inheritance of the righteous, so that the righteous will not themselves turn their hands to evil. Do good, YHWH, to the good, to those upright in their hearts. But as for those who turn aside to their own crooked ways, may you, YHWH turn them away, along with those who do evil.

Shalom on Israel!

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Psalms 125

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